The demand for elderly and disability products and services has been on the rise in the last few years. The demand for such products and services will continue increasing because of the increasing population of people who need these services. The good news is that here at Senior Care Singapore we provide the best disability products and services. Our services include home improvement services, smart devices, and mobility devices.

Home Remodeling and Improvement Services

Owning a home is one of the greatest investment ones can ever make. It is important to think about family members living with disabilities and the elderly to improve a home to make them comfortable. This is to enable them to have easy access to resources and facilities at home comfortably. You should always discuss with an expert in this field to provide you with a total cost for different products and services. This will help you estimate how much money you want to invest in home remodeling and improvement.

Home improvement services focus on improving the main entrance, living room, switches and sockets, flooring, doors, lighting, bathroom/toilet, kitchen, and bedroom.

The main entrance needs to be improved to make it accessible with a wheelchair. Some of the things that will make the main entrance accessible include installing a ramp. The ramp can be installed on the stairs too. The door frames need to be widened because a wheelchair cannot fit in a normal door. The doorsteps are also removed to make the floor even for the wheelchair to move smoothly.  The door will need a lower peephole for someone to comfortably see through the door when they are sited in a wheelchair. This is for security and encouraging the independence of the person using the wheelchair.

The living room is one of the places that need to be comfortable for the elderly and loved ones living with disabilities. People spend most of their time at home resting in the living room. It should space for free movement of the wheelchair. The room should be arranged in a way that the person using the wheelchair can comfortably move around switch on the television, or put on the lights. This encourages independence and that they can be able to handle a few tasks without seeking help. Switches and sockets should be easily accessible. You will need to work with a specialist on this to ensure that the installed switches and sockets are safe to use. When it comes to electricity usage, it is important to consider the safety of the elderly and those living with disabilities, as well as for the entire household. They can be able to switch on and off the lights whenever they need it.

The floor needs to be modified because of wheelchairs because they move well on hardwood floors rather than smooth and slippery floors. The wheels need to have a firm grip when moving to avoid minor accidents like sliding on a slippery floor. Also, the flooring needs to be durable to withstand the friction of the wheelchair. Otherwise a weak floor will wear out quickly and become uneven and will hinder the movement of the wheelchair. This may turn out to be more expensive because of the regular repair and maintenance of the floor. Always consider working with a specialist in this field to get the best result and have a durable floor.

The bathroom needs important details to allow the elderly or a person living with the disability to carry out daily tasks like using the toilet, washing and brushing their teeth. Non-slip floors are important for the bathroom to avoid risks of sliding even when wet. Sit-down or a walk-in shower can be installed for easy washing and accessibility. All these modifications can be discussed with a professional to advise you on different items to install. It will help them to be independent and be free to take a shower whenever they need instead of waiting for another person to help them.

The kitchen is one of the areas that are least accessible with a wheelchair because the counters are high and other items such as pans are high to access. The kitchen will need enough space to allow free movement of the wheelchair and have low storage cabinets. This will become easier for a person living with a disability to access different items in the kitchen. The kitchen sink can be lowered to allow the elderly and the people living with disability to access it and to wash a few utensils. To make an environment suitable for them motivates them to become independent and enjoy their stay. The floor should also be anti-slippery to allow easy movement and prevent sliding and falling.

The bedroom is another area that will need modification such as lowering the bedroom and expanding the doorways. The doors need to be wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. The bedroom should be located on the first floor because it can be hectic climbing a different staircase. Bedroom pathways should always be left clear to minimize accident risks and sliding. We have specialized who can make the bed adjustments to make the individuals comfortable. You can consider having a bed that can be automatically lowered and raised. Not many people prefer sleeping next to the floor. The adjustment will help the individual to lift it and lower it when coming out.

Generally, the floor should be resistant to sliding. You can contact a specialist to install the friendliest floor design that will minimize falling risks. This will help to create a comfortable and safe environment for the elderly and people living with disabilities. We have specialists who can modify your home and make it accessible to people living with disabilities. All you need to do is to contact us and book an appointment with us.

Smart Devices for Elderly

Smart devices are needed to encourage self-reliance on the elderly and people living with disabilities. This gives the people living with disabilities a great relief knowing that they can access home with different smart devices. The technology helps to improve the activities of the individuals and minimize dependence. Some of the smart devices that are helpful include GPS trackeremergency SOS panic button alarm, home security cameras, and lifting devices.

GPS tracker is important and can be installed as a wrist band to alert the caregivers once the individual passes the safe zone. The GPS tracker can also be installed in the wheelchair to monitor movements and to have a real-time track. Especially for children living with disabilities, GPS tracker is crucial because they interact with many people in school and one has to keep track. When school is over, it is easy to find them in the school compound without asking people. It increases picking and dropping convenience. When the individual passes the safe zones, the tracker will send signals and the caretaker will be able to take possible measures. GPS tracker is also important for elderly persons. The caregiver needs to keep track and monitor them for safety.

The Emergency SOS panic button alarm is significant. Elderly and people living with disabilities may not be able to shout for help. Anytime they are in a problem, they need to press the panic button and the caregiver will be able to respond quickly. This is one of the easiest ways to call for help whenever they are stuck or when they get into trouble. The elderly and people living with disabilities need to have a safe environment and the knowledge that they can press the panic alarm when they need help. This increases their self-reliance and makes them feel safe. We provide this product and we will recommend the best panic button alarm.

Home security cameras are essentials. This will help to monitor them and be able to identify if the elderly and the people living with disabilities are taking their medication and are okay. Especially for individuals with mental instability, monitoring is key. Some can get dangerous tools lying in the house and start playing with them. Others may want to commit suicide and others may just stay at a corner of the house depressed. With the security cameras, the caregiver will be able to notice any abnormality and attend to it immediately.

Lifting devices are highly beneficial. This will help the caregiver to lift elderly or patients with disabilities. The lifting hoists can be installed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and in the bathroom. This will encourage them to be self-reliance and they will have the freedom to go into different rooms alone and get what they need. Such lifting devices will increase their comfort and encourage them to run a few tasks at home without any assistance. the lifting devices can help the elderly or the individual living with disability to get in and out of bed. This will make the work of the caregivers easy. Lifting devices help the individuals to get suitable home care and reduce accidents such as falling when getting into the bathtub and when getting out of the bed.

Mobility Devices for Elderly and People with Disabilities

Mobility devices are highly needed for the elderly and people living with disabilities to enhance their mobility. Through this, they will enjoy moving around with great independence and freedom. The devices help to increase their confidence and self-esteem knowing that they can access different rooms in the house. These mobility devices include a wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, mobility scooters, walking aid, rolling walker, and walking cane. All these mobility devices are available at Senior Care Singapore. These mobility devices help to make the work of the caregivers easy and to encourage self-reliance to the individuals.

The wheelchair is one of the most used mobility devices by the elderly and by people living with disabilities. It helps to increase movement and one can access different rooms in the comfort of the wheelchair. There is a manual wheelchair and a motorized wheelchair. A motorized wheelchair is more comfortable because one uses buttons to control its movement. The manual wheelchair can be exhausting especially when one has to cover a long distance. A motorized wheelchair will cost more than the manual wheelchair. Your decision will depend on how much you are willing to spend on a wheelchair.

Walking aid and walking canes are similar to crutches. They help to support the weight of the body and to move effectively. They help to increase the stability of the person when walking and when trying to reach something on the kitchen counters. It can also be used to get in and out of the bed. There are different walking canes for different people. Visually impaired individuals will use a white cane that helps them to detect objects. Some canes have four feet to help increase the stability area and ease mobility.

Mobility scooters are more comfortable than wheelchairs. They reduce fatigue and pain associated with continuous usage of the wheelchairs. They are easy to operate and can move for a long distance. One can use it to access the nearest market area and get a few items. This is because it is allowed in public transport and one can be able to commute from one point to another. This reduces the challenge of using the public system that does not have facilities and features to support the disabled and the elderly. This one is highly encouraged for individuals with mental stability so that they can be able to run a few errands on their own.

Here at Senior Care Singapore we provide all these services and products to increase self-reliance and comfort of the elderly and people living with a disability. We are licensed and we have different technicians who can help in modifying your home to accommodate people living with disability and the elderly. You can contact us to know more about these services and products. you can also book an appointment to be advised on different home modifications, smart devices and mobility devices available. You will be able to know the cost and decide to pay for what you can afford. 

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