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Wheel Chair Motorized Wheelchair Singapore

A motorized wheelchair provides independence and flexibility in mobility. It helps the senior or a person living with walking disabilities to carry out certain tasks such as going to the shopping malls or walking in the park. Motorized wheelchairs have a rechargeable battery and can be controlled by a joystick installed on the wheelchair’s armrest. This means the user will only require minimal effort to operate it. A manual wheelchair can be exhausting to use; especially when covering long distances.

Reasons why you should invest in a Motorized Wheelchair

Even though the motorized wheelchair can be expensive, it is worth spending your money on. It has huge benefits as compared to having a manual wheelchair. If you want the elderly or a person having a walking disability to have an easy time with mobility, consider investing in a motorized wheelchair.

Achieve great Independence

All wheelchairs provide independence but the motorized wheelchair provides a great sense of independence. This is because one can travel longer distances without getting fatigued and will not need help from another person. The wheelchair is simply controlled by a joystick on the armrest with minimal effort. The wheelchair reduces the risks of falling, joint pain, and muscle pain. Muscle and joint fatigue can be caused by the use of a manual wheelchair because they need extra energy to move. Sometimes they may need a caregiver to push them through a park or in the shopping mall.

High Mobility Rate

A motorized wheelchair is designed to be used on pavements, difficult terrains, and sloppy grounds. A manual wheelchair is difficult to maneuver on difficult terrain or sloppy grounds. The elderly will always need a person to help them navigate through such terrains. However, if you planning to go for a vacation, you may consider having a lightweight wheelchair. It is not easy to travel with the motorized wheelchair because it is bulky and heavy.

Improves Socialization

With decreased mobility, it comes with decreased socialization. It becomes difficult for the loved one to socialize with people and to take part in social activities. Socialization is a crucial element to encourage physical and emotional health.  It is important to maintain the socializing ability of our loved ones. For them to continue participating in social life, they will need a motorized wheelchair. This will enable them to participate in outdoor activities such as picnic, fruit picking, and mall shopping.

Very Comfortable

Motorized wheelchairs are designed for comfort and easy mobility. They have adjustable foot resting positions and others have an inclinable back. It has good padding thickness on the sitting areas as well as on the armrest. The cushions can be changed once they flattened. If you are looking for a very comfortable wheelchair, it is time to consider the motorized wheelchair. This is why it tends to be bulkier than the manual wheelchairs.

Lifetime Investment

The motorized wheelchairs are built to last and to cope in different terrains. They are easy to use and to control. They have rechargeable batteries that provide motion energy. Consider investing in one today.

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