Main Entrance for Elderly, Disabled & Handicap Mobility

Main Entrance for Elderly, Disabled and Handicap Mobility Singapore

Disabilities and old age change the day-to-day life experience and activities. A home can become a challenging place for the elderly and the people living with disabilities if it is not modified. The modification solutions help to make the individuals comfortable and to be able to move into the house freely. The first place to modify in any house is the main entrance.

Ways to Improve Mobility at Main Entrance

Install Ramps

Staircases are hazardous to the elderly because they limit movement with a wheelchair as well as with a walking cane. All the staircases need to be removed and replaced with ramps even if the staircase has one or two steps. The ramps promote safe and comfortable movement in and out of the house. You can have portable ramps or permanent ramps. Also, the exterior of the house needs to be well level for easy movement. Stiff areas are strenuous to the elderly, disabled, and handicapped. To provide safe and comfortable movements, the ground needs to be leveled and staircases to be replaced with ramps.

Widening the Doors

The normal door frames do not fit the wheelchair. To make the main home entrance accessible with a wheelchair, you will need to hire an expert to widen the door frames. This is a mild renovation that will take less than a day to complete. If you just moved into a new neighborhood, you can contact us for the door modification services.

Lower the Peephole

Have a lower peephole for the person to be able to see through the peephole after the doorbell rings. This encourages security in the home and the elderly or the handicap will be able to see through because the peephole is lowered. The door can have two peepholes for greater reliability and security check. This encourages independence and self-reliance to individuals living with disabilities and the elderly.

Main Entrance Flooring

For one to navigate through the house comfortably, you will need proper flooring from the main entrance and in the house as well. Examples of such floors include hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring among many others. The importance of improving the floors is to ensure that the wheelchair will move well and to minimize falls for those using a walking cane. Also, having laminate flooring is beneficial because it is scratch-resistant and can be easily cleaned.


If the house has several floors, you can consider installing an elevator at the entrance of the house. This is a great solution to enhance mobility within the house and it is swift and reliable. It also improves the home value and it is an investment that everyone in the house can use. Contact us today if you need any main entrance modification to enhance the mobility of the elderly, disabled, and handicap.

Door Handles

The door handle should be modified to ensure that it is on a level where one can reach it comfortable when sited in the wheelchair. People using walking canes can have the challenge to reach the high placed handles. It can be strenuous for people with joint pain as well. The aim for main entrance modification is to make sure that the individuals are comfortable to access in and out of the house with minimal or no assistance.

Grab Bars

Add grab bars at the entrance to provide grip for stability especially in the hallway leading to the main entrance. These grab bars are essential to provide grip for the handicap, elderly, and those living with disabilities. When they are walking through the hallway, it will help them minimize sliding and falling accidents. Falling for such individuals can be very dangerous. It can cause more injuries and sometimes death. This is why we have specialized in such home modification services and products to make them safe in the house.

If you have bee looking for specialists to do home modification services, look no further. Here at Senior Care Singapore we have the best experts and are highly experienced in these home modifications. 

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