Walk In Bath Tub

Walk In Bath Tub Senior Citizen Singapore

Walk-in bathtubs have a door that allows an elderly person to get in comfortably unlike the traditional bathtubs. The doors have a sealant to prevent water from seeping and flooding the floor. You need to work with an expert to install a suitable bathtub that will not leak water when being used. The walk-in bathtubs require handrails, flexible showerheads, and an inside seating tub.

The walk-in bathtubs provide easy and convenient access for the seniors and are safe. It minimizes the risks of falling and causing injuries to the joints.

Advantages of Walk-in Bath Tub

It is a solution to the traditional bathtub that limits the seniors. With the presence of the door, the elderly can just step into the bathtub, unlike the traditional bathtub where one has to lift the legs to get in. the walk-in bathtub allows the person to just walks and seat in the tub then close the door. If the elderly are using a wheelchair, they can come with it to the bathroom and move from the wheelchair to the bathtub. It makes bathing simple and enjoyable.

Walk-in bathtubs provide hydrotherapy. It is effective for the elderly to soak the body in warm water and relax in the bathtub. Hydrotherapy is known to cure pain such as joint pain or fatigue. The warm water also massages the muscles and allows the body to relax. The seniors can seat in the bathtub for a longer period because it is comfortable and water temperature can be easily adjusted.

The walk-in bathtubs are flexible because one can decide to sit and take a shower or to stand. The showerhead is flexible and can be adjusted according to the preference of the user. This is an effective way of saving space by having a walk-in bathtub and standing shower. If the house cannot accommodate many bathrooms, then this is a great solution. It will allow other people in the house to use the shower. However, hygiene should be kept at maximum because the immunity of the elderly may not be very strong.

Walk-in bathtubs minimize the risk of slips and falls. A great number of registered falls and slips among the seniors happen in the bathroom. The cost of treating injuries caused by falls or slips is high. Having a walk-in bathtub will minimize the risk hence save you the medical cost. Also, the problems related to the falls may become damaging and may need continuous hospital check.

Hygiene of the seniors will improve because they can easily access the bathroom with a walk-in bathtub. Bathing is an exhausting activity for many seniors especially when the bathroom has not been modified. To encourage them to maintain cleanliness, a walk-in bathtub is a great solution.

Walk-in bathtub is a great investment that will encourage independence and regular hygiene practices. It will minimize the risk of falls and slips that have a great impact on the overall health of the seniors. Contact us today to install the walk-in bathtub in your home.

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