Electric Hoist For Senior

Electric Hoist For Senior Singapore

Moving an elderly or disabled person manually from one place to another can be very difficult. It puts pressure on both the elderly person and the caregiver. It can result in injuries and back pains. To prevent all these from happening, consider purchasing the electric hoist. The hoist helps to lift the elderly or disabled person safely in a domestic setting. The hoist is also portable; hence it can be carried from one place to another. A portable hoist can be simply assembled and disassembled hence occupies limited storage space.  

Benefits of Electric Hoist


The electric hoist is safe to use because it can comfortably transfer an elderly or disabled person from the bed to the wheelchair. The manual carrying of an elderly person can strain the caregiver and the senior as well. It can cause back and joint injuries. It is also a risk to do it manually because one can fall. The electric hoist comes in handy to help in safely moving a patient from one place to another.


Electric hoists provide satisfaction because they help solve mobility issues. It also makes the work of the caregiver easy because the hoist makes work easier. The hoist reduces the chances of falling or sliding. The elderly feel satisfied when using the hoist because it is comfortable and safe.

Reduces Risks of Injuries

When transferring a person living with a disability or a senior manually, you are at a high risk of causing injuries. The electric hoist is operated with ease and gives the caregiver an easy time. Besides, using the hoist reduces the risks of having back aces and muscle strain.

It Saves Space

Since the hoist can be disassembled and assembled, it will not much space. It makes it suitable to carry and used it in different areas. You can carry it in the car when traveling. it saves on space even at home, unlike other mobility devices like a wheelchair.

Saves on Time

The time that could have been used to manually transfer a person from the bed to the wheelchairis shortened by using the electric hoist. Besides, if you have a ceiling hoist, it becomes very easy for one to move from one room to another. Without an electric hoist, it would take more time. To save on time, consider getting the electric hoist.


It needs electricity to operate. In case of a power outage, you may have challenges in using it. This can be solved by having a hoist that can still be manually operating in case there is no power.

The electric hoist will need someone to operate it. However, some elders can comfortably use it alone.

It is costly compared to manual hoists. However, it is a cost worth spending because it has more benefits that the manual hoist.

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