Commode Seats for Elderly & Seniors

Commode Seats for Elderly & Seniors Singapore

A commode seat is a portable toilet that is used by the elderly or people having disabilities. The commode seats are strong and come with built-in arms to provide support to the person. They are convenient to use and minimize the distance of moving from the bedroom to the toilet.

Benefits of the commode seats for the elderly.

Easy Access

The portable commode seat can be placed at any place in the house where the user is. The senior will not have to move from the sitting room or bedroom to the toilet. It can be placed beside the bed so they can use it at night. This is a great advantage to the seniors because going to the toilet can be work.

Very Supportive

The commode seat for the elderly provides support to seat and to stand up from the toilet. The regular toilet can be a nightmare for the elderly because of the squatting and bending. It is harder for those suffering from arthritis. The seniors can use the commode seats without seeking assistance from the caregiver.

However, the commode seat needs to be cleaned up anytime the senior uses it to maintain hygiene. This is a drawback to the caregiver because it needs regular cleaning. But, it is very reliable equipment for the elderly.

Encourages Independence

The commode seats encourage independence and retain the dignity of the elderly. It is important to keep the elderly as independent as possible so they can become self-reliant. Most seniors love it this way so that they can use it in different rooms in the house with minimal assistance.


A great number of falls among the elderly happen in the bathroom. Having a commode seat minimizes the risk of falling because it is kept closer to where the person is. This is an intelligent way of minimizing falls among elderly people.

How to Choose the Best Commode Seat


The design needs to have a fixed arm and should have wheels for mobility. The design should have the right weight capacity to increase the safety of using the commode seat. Choosing the right weight capacity will prevent the commode seat from becoming wobbly and unstable.


The commode seat can come with adjustable legs to allow the user to change it according to their preference. A removable back is an important feature than many elderly people prefer. This allows them to use the chair in different positions. Having a flexible and durable commode seat allows the elderly to carry out bathroom activities comfortably.


Always check the price against what you would like to spend. There are different commode seats with different price tags. It varies from brand to brand and depending on the included features. Inevitable features are the handling bars and the removable toilet pot. You can consider professional help to decide on the best commode seat.

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