Elderly Home Elevators

Elderly Home Elevators Singapore

The demand for residential elevators has been increasing over the years because of its convenience and mobility advantages. The easy way of avoiding staircase falls is to install the home elevators. Elderly home elevators are a valuable asset that makes movement in the house efficient for the elderly and people living with disabilities. The days of thinking elevators are for luxury are gone. Today, home elevators have great advantages to the aging community and people living with disabilities.

Advantages of having elevators in your home.

Saves up on Space

Elevators occupy minimal space as compared to the staircases. Elevators are narrow and will only take minimal space in the house. However, the size and style of the elevator can affect the space needed. All in all, an elevator will take minimal space in the house as compared to the staircases.


Elevators are multifunctional because homeowners can use it to transport heavy objects. It is a huge task to carry heavy objects through the staircase which can be physically straining. The elevator eliminates the risks of falling or tripping. A huge number of home accidents happen on the staircase across all age groups. Having an elevator, the risk will be reduced to almost zero. Besides, the elevator encourages the independence of the elderly because they can move freely in different areas of the house.

Safe and Secure

Everyone in the house will benefit from using the home elevators. It is safe to use because it eliminates the risk of falling as a result of missing a staircase step, or sliding, or tripping. It is not possible to experience these accidents in a home elevator. Older people suffer more from falling in the staircase and may even cause death. To prevent traumatic injuries and fractures, consider installing the home elevators.

Style your Home

Besides the health benefits of the home elevator, it will style up your home. You can choose from different types of elevators. Elevators are not bulky and will improve the overall look of your home. As the elevator styles up your home, it also increases the resale value of your home. Elevators are a huge asset for your home because they increase the property value. This is because it is convenient for a family with an older person and young children.

Factors to Consider when Installing the Home Elevators

  • The layout of your home. The size of your house will determine what type of elevator to install.
  • The cost of installing the elevator. Find out the entire project cost before starting to plan your finances well.
  • Find out the functionality of the elevator. you need to know how easy it is to operate to accommodate the elderly. A complicated elevator may not be a good option.
  • Identify a registered company that has professionals in this field. Working with experts will give you peace of mind. For instance, here at Senior Care Singapore, we have experts in this field. We will give you the best elevator options and a quotation for the entire project. 

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