Re-modelling Bedroom for Elderly

Re-modelling Bedroom for Elderly Singapore

The bedroom for the elderly needs to be remodeled to make it comfortable and accessible. Considering that we spend most of our lifetime in bed, then there is great importance in making the bedroom convenient and comfortable. With old age, a person spends more hours resting as compared to other people.

Ways in which the bedroom for the elderly can be remodeled.

Shift it to Ground Floor

If the house has a room on the ground floor that can be converted into a bedroom, then it can be a great option. It is quite tiring and exhausting to keep using the staircase to reach upper rooms. Alternatively, if there is no extra room on the ground floor, consider installing an elevator. This is a great option and convenient for the elderly. The elevator should have enough space to fit in a wheelchair. Having an elevator minimizes the walking distance and makes the elderly comfortable in the house without worrying about how to use the staircases.

Removes Rugs

Remove rugs lying on the doorsteps and beside the bed. Rugs affect the movement of the wheelchair and become strenuous to the senior. You can consider installing a wall to wall carpet that allows easy movement of the wheelchair and comfortable usage of walking crutches. We have professionals who can advise you on the best wall to wall carpet to install. Rugs are hazardous and can cause slipping accidents to those use walking canes.

Sockets and Panic Buttons

Sockets, switches, and panic buttons should be installed on the side bed. They should be readily accessible so that the senior can switch on or off the light whenever they need. The panic button should also be near for them to press it whenever they need help. The switches and sockets can be installed depending on where the senior can be able to reach. It increases self-reliance and independence within the house.


The room should have enough lighting, especially during the day. It should have windows that allow direct sunlight during the day. Natural light lightens up the room and the person too. Dull rooms are not the best for the elderly because it will make them appear to be dull. It may also affect their sleeping patterns because they may not know if it is day time or night. Natural lighting is important.

Also, the bulb lighting in the bedroom should be well balanced because bad lighting can strain the eyes of the individual. The switches can have moderation switches where the senior can control the lighting according to their preference.  LED bulb lighting is preferable because they are mild to the eyes.

Extra switches are also needed at the entrance of the bedroom. The elderly can switch the lights when they are about to enter the bedroom to see clearly and switch them off when living in the room.


Space is needed in the bedroom for easy movement of the wheelchair. The caregiver should ensure that no clothes are lying on the floor. The closet should be easily accessible for the senior to see what they need to wear. Anytime they need help, they can press the panic button. The bedroom needs to be well organized and need enough lighting.


The bedroom doors need to be enlarged to fit in the wheelchair. Normal door sizes may not allow the passage of a wheelchair. Therefore, you will need to hire an expert to adjust the door size to comfortably fit the wheelchair. It is a suitable option because it will allow the user to get in and out of the bedroom without help from the caregiver.

Adjustable Bed

The bed should be adjustable such that the seniors can lower it and raise it according to their preference. When getting on the bed, they will need to lower it to avoid straining the joints. After that, they can lift it and sleep. It also applies when coming out of the bed. They can lower it to minimize falling accidents. This increases convenient and they feel comfortable using the bedroom.

Contact us today for bedroom remodeling services to make the seniors comfortable at home. We have experts who can handle this job at a satisfactory level. 

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