Elderly, Disabled & Handicap Home Improvement & Modification Services

The world outside has not been modified in a way to accommodate the elderly and the ones living with disabilities. Therefore, it is important to have home improvement and modification services to help them have access to various places in the house. The modifications help to make the home enjoyable and comfortable. Unfortunately, home modification can be an expensive task. This is why here at Senior Care Singapore we provide a flexible payment plan for these services. In addition to being an expensive task, you will need to work with experts in this field. The home improvement and modifications need to be done according to safety and legal measures.

Nowadays it is possible to make the living space comfortable for the elderly and those living with disabilities. Here at Senior Care Singapore we use the latest technology and modification designs. Our approach is unique and the best because we have been in this industry for many years. Our technicians are skilled and are highly experienced.

Home Improvement and Modification Services

Main Entrance Modification

The main entrance needs to be modified to accommodate the free passage of wheelchairs. Normal door sizes are small and may not fit a wheelchair. The entrance is expanded and the door staircase is removed. This is to make the ground even and easy to maneuver with the wheelchair. Also, for those using walking canes, it will be easier to walk on flat ground.

In addition to the widening of the doors, we install wheelchair ramps. Wheelchair ramps enhance mobility within the house. The ramps allow easy mobility to raised areas depending on the architecture of the land. Wheelchair ramps installation is a crucial service to promote mobility and to ensure that the wheelchair movement is safe.

Living Room Modifications

The modification services include modifying the switches and sockets, improving the floor, the doors, and the bathrooms.

Switches and sockets need to readily accessible. They should not be too high or too low for a person to reach them. They should be well insulated for safety use. This will permit the individual to be able to switch on the television of charge their phones with ease.  It encourages self-reliance and independence within the house.

The floor can be modified to make it anti-slippery even when wet. Movement of the elderly and the people living with disabilities need to be taken care of. This includes using a floor that is anti-slippery to provide grip to the walking cane or the wheelchair. We also install grabbing bars on the hallways to provide extra support during movement. Floor modification is done in the living room, bedroom, and bathrooms.

The doors need to have a security window that one can see through when seated in a wheelchair. This encourages security even when the person is at home alone. The doors can also have a doorbell located on a favorable height for their own to ring comfortably. Some of these fine details one is likely to forget if you do not work with a professional.

Bathrooms/ Toilet Modification

The bathrooms need special modification services because it can be a dangerous place. It is very easy to slip and fall in the bathroom as compared to other places in the house. Since the bathroom is essential and needs daily use, they need to be made as comfortable as possible. To improve safety, we provide grab bars that are installed to provide additional support when taking a step or when pulling yourself up. Extra flooring is needed to provide easy movement with a wheelchair or walking cane. The bathroom sinks and counters are lowered for easy reach and access. A bathtub is fixed with grab bars to assist in getting in and out. Alternatively, we can install a walk-in shower that reduces slipping chances and can be accessed with a wheelchair. Besides, the floors are made irresistible to sliding.

Alternatively, you can consider having a shower chair or commode This allows the individual to take a shower while seated on the chair. It minimizes falling risks and encourages independence. Washing is a daily essential and is worth investing in the service.

Toilet lift seats and elevated toilet seats are essential to the elderly and people living with disabilities because it helps to reduce knee pain. They can adjust the toilet seat to favorable height to avoid the low bending which can extremely painful to the elderly. It also requires minimum help to stand up.  We also have commode seats to help the accessibility in the bathroom and toilet. They have similar advantages as a raised toilet seat that reduces the toilet seating distance. The commode seats help in increasing stability and minimize falls. For the one having joint pains, it helps them not to overstretch when reaching the toilet seat. Also, for those with stiff joints it will come in handy to increase comfort.

Toilet safety rails have the potential of increasing safety into the toilet and bathroom. A fall in the toilet and bathroom can be extremely dangerous for an individual living with physical disabilities and an elderly person. That is why we provide this toilet safety rails to provide extra support. It makes it easier to reach the toilet seat and to stand up. Another benefit of toilet safety rails helps in reducing joint pain and prevent extra medical bills. A simple fall can result in having extra medical bills to resolve the pain and any injuries. This is why we recommend home improvement and modification services.

The shower bench comes in handy in protecting falling and slipping in the bathroom. Bathroom falls are one of the leading causes of death among elderly people and injuries. Since a walk-in shower or bathtub can be expensive to have, a shower bench is affordable and still effective. One can easily take a shower comfortably sited on the shower bench and minimize chances of sliding. In addition to the shower benches, bathroom grab bars are also significant. This is an essential safety measure that the bathroom should have if you are living with an elderly person or a person living with disabilities.

Kitchen Modification

We provide kitchen remodeling services to make it accessible to the elderly and the handicapped. This includes removing obstacles that may prevent easy maneuvering in and out of the kitchen. Some other adjustments include lowering the counter area for ease to serve food and to pick other items. The pantry and the cupboard need to be lowered so that they can become accessible. They will be able to pick things whenever they need them and put them in the sink. The tap fittings and the sink should be lowered to allow them to access the sink to wash hands or utensils. House chores help them manage stress rather than just sitting in one position the whole day. Sufficient space is needed for turning and moving around the house.  

Our experts will show you different styles and colors to choose for kitchen remodeling service. At the end of the project, your kitchen will be looking extremely good and convenient for the elderly and the handicap. Having most of the things accessible in the kitchen makes it easier for individuals to carry out daily activities with minimal assistance. the caregiver will have a good time to take care of the cleaning and other house chores. The kitchen can have pulled out drawers and cutting boards. Safety can be increased by having easy oven access and working space to remove the hot items from the fire.

Bedroom Modification Services

Bedroom modification services include installation of the adjustable beds and bed rails. Size and space are highly needed to make the bedroom accessible with the wheelchair. The doors will be expanded. Enough space reduces clutter which can affect the movement of the wheelchair. The doors should have low-level handles and knobs to help in opening and closing of the doors. This will make it easier to access the bedroom.

The adjustable beds and the bed rails are significant. It helps the individual to get in and out of the bed easily. The bed can be automatically lifted and lowered for ease of movement. The bed rails are important to help the person get in and out of bed. All these are done to increase mobility and safety within the house. This will minimize falling accidents and boost comfortability.

Good lighting is also needed in the bedroom and the switches and sockets should be easily accessible. The closets too should be easily accessible to take clothes. A modified bedroom is a safe place for the elderly of a person living with a disability. It also increases independence in the house instead of always asking for help.

Smart Devices Services

We provide smart devices services such as the GPS tracker, Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm, Home Security Cameras, and Hoist / Lifting Devices. These GPS tracker devices are highly beneficial because they help to track the elderly or the person living with any disability. It helps the caregiver to know when the person exceeds the safety zone and take the quick measure. The panic button is important because the person can press it whenever they need help or experience difficulty. Falling has been a leading cause of injuries and death, especially when one has fallen and can not get quick help. With the panic button, it becomes easier to seek help by pressing it. This will help prevent further injuries and minimize fatal risks of falling.

We have specialists who install the home security cameras that will help you to monitor what is happening in the house. This gives you peace of mind because you can keep up with what is going on at home. Sometimes people fear to live the elderly and the people living with disabilities because they do not know what can happen when they are away. So, to have peace of mind, you can have the home security cameras installed to monitor the progress. Lifting devices are also helpful when it comes to the toilet seat and the bed. It increases comfortability and easy access to the bed and the toilet seat. These are essential parts that one needs to access every day. Making them accessible and comfortable improves the independence of a person and safety.

Mobility Products and Services

We provide mobility products and servicing as well. After investing in a wheelchair, you would want it to get serviced and get repair and maintenance services. Especially when the wheels wear out or they become difficult to move. The products include a wheelchair, Motorized Wheelchair, Mobility Scooters, Walking Aid, Rolling Walker, and Walking Cane. All these products help to increase the mobility of the elderly and a person living with a disability. If you need any of these products, you can book an appointment with us to know more about them. Movement is essential to every person, using the mobility products helps to support their movements around the house and outside the home. For instance, the motorized wheelchair is allowed in the public transport system. Therefore, one can use it to get something from the nearest market and to get to school if the school is near. Some use it to go for a doctor’s appointment especially therapy sessions. For handicapped persons, they can not be allowed to go alone because anything can happen. They need close monitoring.

We provide a wide variety of elderly, disabled, and handicapped home improvement and modification services as discussed above. We consider the health and safety of the elderly and people living with disabilities are crucial. This is why we have professionals to do different kinds of modifications and to improve home safety. When the elderly and people living with disabilities are given items that help them with mobility, they become comfortable. It also helps them to become self-reliant and independent in the house.

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