Elderly Walking Cane

Elderly Walking Cane Singapore

There is no doubt that a walking cane provides stability to an elderly person. However, the senior will need to undergo medical testing to check their fitness to use the walking canes. Seniors suffering from neurological challenges or arthritis may not be the best candidates for a walking cane. A walking cane is useful to an individual who has balancing challenges and the feet are still working. Having a walking cane will make walking an easier experience for the elderly.

How to Choose the Best Walking Cane

There are a lot of walking canes in the market place. This is a simple guide on how to get the best walking cane for your loved ones.

The Tip

A good tip should have rubber to provide a firm grip on the floor. The rubber should also be durable to avoid losing shape and wearing off quickly.

There are walking canes with a single tip while others have quadruple tips. quadruple tips provide a more stable balance than a walking cane with a single tip. Quadruple tips support more weight and are suitable for those who have severe joint pain.


The height of the walking cane is extremely significant. If the walking cane is too short, it will cause straining and when it is too high, it becomes difficult to use. You can measure the height of the walking can before purchasing. The best height is from the ground to the waist. However, you can consider getting an adjustable walking cane. It is very convenient because the user can adjust the height to make it comfortable for them to use.

Handle of the Walking Stick

The material of the handles can be plastic, rubber, foam, or wood. Foam has a shorter lifespan as compared to the plastic and wood handles. Rubber and foam handles are more comfortable because they do not cause soreness and fatigue. The size of the handle matters. It should not be too small or large to provide sufficient grip. Choosing the right size will relieve stress on the joints and prevent wrist deformities.

Choose a fitting Walking Cane

This may involve going to shop with the elderly person so that they can measure their elbow bend and wrist height. The user needs to feel comfortable when using a walking cane so that it can be easier to move around. A walking cane is used on fewer occasions to exercise through walking and taking a walk in the park. Sitting in a wheelchair for hours can be exhausting.  If the walking cane is too high or too short, it can throw off balance and cause tripping or falling.


The price will differ depending on the material of the handle and the functionality of the walking cane. The adjustable walking canes tend to cost more than the others. Canes with four tips may cost higher than those with one tip. Those with rubber handles may cost more than those with plastic handles. You can invest in the best product knowing that it will be durable and safe to use.

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