Hospital Adjustable Beds

Hospital Adjustable Beds Singapore

Hospital adjustable beds are designed to provide quality care and comfort to the elderly. An elderly person needs to spend quality time resting on the bed. Therefore, the bed needs to have features that can accommodate the needs of the patient to keep them healthy and comfortable. Adjusting the bed improves blood circulation and minimizes swelling of the feet because the bed can be adjusted to place the feet at a higher position. Lying flat can be exhausting to some seniors and may lead to back pains, headaches, and swelling of the feet. This is why you need to have adjustable beds to keep the individual safe and comfortable.

The functionality of the Hospital Adjustable Beds

Foot and Head Adjustment

The hospital adjustable beds have foot and head adjustment is a good functionality to help to position the head and feet. Doing so will help to keep the person comfortable and they can adjust the bed according to their preference alone. Having an adjustable bed will minimize dependence on the caregivers.

Entire Bed Adjusting

In addition to adjusting the foot and the head of the bed, the entire bed can be adjusted. The senior can decrease and increase the height of the bed. This allows the individual to get off or on the bed comfortably. Especially is the senior is using a wheelchair, he or she can get off the bed without the help of the caregiver.

It is Portable

The hospital adjustable beds are portable because they have wheels under the legs of the bed. This makes it easy to move the bed from one position to another.

Control Mechanism

The control mechanism can be done with electricity. In the event of power failure, it can limit the adjustment of the bed making it to be stuck in an awkward position. Therefore, the bed needs to have manual controls in cases where there is a power outage. The caregiver will help the seniors to adjust the bed to make them comfortable. It is important to have a bed that has both mechanical and electrical functioning. The caregiver should be trained on how to adjust the bed manually and automatically.

Situations that will make the person want to adjust the bed

  • For recreational needs such as reading a book, watching television, or playing video games. The adjustable beds can have massage functionality to help the person to relax and to reduce joint pains.
  • For medical reasons to allow free circulation of blood in the body. Also, it aims to reduce feet swelling. Adjusting the bed improves respiration too. The seniors can have an automated adjustable bed for convenience.
  • The hospital adjustable need can be a package in the medical insurance cover. For this reason, one can decide to have it because they will not pay for the bed in cash. The hospital adjustable bed can be costly especially the one with details of electrical control and massage services.
  • Traditional beds are difficult to adjust, this is why you may consider having a hospital adjustable bed. The adjustable bed makes it easy for the senior to get into bed and to get off the bed. It minimizes their dependency on the caregiver and improves their self-reliance.
  • The adjustable beds can have panic buttons and alarms for the seniors to press whenever they need help. They can also have light control switches.

Benefits of Hospital Adjustable Beds

  • It improves blood circulation because it can have a better position for the feet and the head. This allows to improve blood circulation and reduce joint pain and pressure.
  • It has health benefits because it is a safe bed. An adjustable bed is a health necessity for seniors. It helps to reduce bed falls because it assists the individual to get in and out of bed comfortably.
  • It reduces the workload of the caregiver. The senior can automatically adjust the bed to do recreational activities such as reading books or watching the television. The seniors can adjust the bed to their owner without the help of the caregiver.
  • It provides a good and comfortable position. It helps to minimize backaches and the swelling of the feet. The seniors will have a calm and comfortable night hence they will have enough sleep. 

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