Re-modelling Bathroom & Toilet For Elderly

Re-modelling Bathroom & Toilet For Elderly Singapore

According to statistics, one among three elderly persons suffers from a fall every year. Out of the fall, 80% happens in the bathroom because of slippery wet floors. Another research indicates that the majority of the deaths and injuries recorded among the seniors are as a result of falling in the bathroom. With this information, it is very important to remodel the bathroom and the toilet for the elderly to increase safety measures and minimize the risk of falling. The absence of support bars and anti-slippery floors in the bathrooms are hazardous.

Fortunately, here at Senior Care Singapore, we provide remodeling bathroom and toilet for the elderly services. For instance, we add support rails and install anti-slipper floors to increase safety. We are committed to making sure that your house is comfortable for the elderly.

Remodeling items that we consider valuable and every homeowner with an elderly person should consider it

Walk-in Bath Tub

A walk-in bathtub is a great option for a senior with mobility challenges. It is safer than the traditional bathtubs since they are comfortable and reduce joint strain. It is a great tool for therapy relaxation for the senior. Hydrotherapy has great benefits and the seniors can comfortably sit in the bathtub as long as they wish to relax. It helps them to have good sleeping patterns and reduce joint pains. Warm water also stimulates the muscles and is a natural painkiller. The walk-in bathtub is very low and anyone using a wheelchair or a walking cane can easily access the bathtub.

Toilet Lift Seats

Everyday activities involve the use of the toilet. Low toilet seats are strenuous to the seniors because it stretches their muscles and they feel pain. The best solution to this challenge is to have toilet lift seats. The senior can lift the toilet to favorable height to reduce joint pain and low squatting. The toilet lift seats are made of plastics that are easy to clean and to adjust. They can be installed in a standard toilet to make it comfortable for the elderly. The installation process is quick and convenient. Constant cleaning is required to keep the toilet clean and fresh. The toilet lift seat increases independence because the seniors can access the toilet anytime without seeking the help of seating on the toilet. The adjustment can be done using a remote or buttons fitted beside the toilet seat. The seat will raise according to the preferred height and the senior will comfortably use the toilet without straining the joints and muscles.

Shower Chair / Wheelchair

For the elderly, taking a shower is no simple task. Bathing aims to relax the mind and the body but it can be a strenuous activity for the elderly. There is a possibility of falling and getting muscle or joint injuries at the end of the shower. To reduce such risks, you will need to install a shower chair or wheelchair. It is a great idea that encourages safety and comfortability when taking the shower. It allows the elderly to relax when taking a shower because safety measures have been put in place. Shower chairs or wheelchairs are easy to clean and increases independence. They need less cleaning activity as compared to bathtubs. The wheelchairs are portable meaning the shower can be used by a different person in the house.

Commode Seats

Commode seats are advantageous because they reduce joint strain and low-level squatting to reach the toilet seat. The commode seats are portable and can move just like the wheelchair. You may not need to modify the existing toilet seat. You can just get the commode seat to use. If someone is experiencing difficulty to reach the bathroom, it can be used in the bedroom. Sometimes moving at night might be challenging, this can be used as an alternative method. The commode seats are highly recommended by health practitioners because they are comfortable and convenient to use.

Toilet Safety Rails

The toilet safety rails help the elderly to reach the toilet seat and to pull themselves up. The rails are easy to install and can be installed in an already existing toilet. It improves the safety and comfortability of the elderly because they can access the toilet seat alone. The rails provide stability and minimize falling risks. Consider working with a professional to install them to make sure that they are firm and they do not slip. Toilet and bathroom accidents are a leading cause of death among the elderly and disabled. It is important to minimize the risks and make a home a safe place for the elderly.

Elevated Toilet Seats

Some of the shortcomings that come with old age are weak muscles, joints, injuries, and surgical aftermath. Having these challenges, it is important to choose the best toilet seats that are elevated to reduce the reaching distance and minimize straining the muscles. It makes it easy to sit and to stand up. The elevated toilet seats should have arm support to provide stability. Elevate toilet seats are beneficial because they reduce the falling risks and make the seniors comfortable when using it. They can go to the toilet without assistance.

Shower Bench

The shower bench has similar advantages to the shower chair and wheelchair. However, the shower bench is a permanent structure that is firmly fitted. The elderly can comfortably take a shower while sited because standing is a challenge. It reduces the risk of falling and muscle straining. It will reduce the work of the caregiver and allow the senior to be independent. Shower bench needs more space in the bathroom hence not suitable for small bathrooms.

Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom grab bars are inevitable in every home that has an elderly person. Grab bars provide stability and support. The senior can comfortably use the shower chair or bench and stand after the shower. Grab bars minimize the risk of falling.

Contact us today to install for you the grab bars and other bathroom and toilet remodeling products at the most affordable price. 

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