Elderly Friendly Smart Devices

In addition to remodeling the home to accommodate the elderly, it is important to install the elderly friendly smart devices. The availability of smart technology has made it easier to have smart devices that are elderly friendly. Smart devices help to improve the lifestyle of the elderly and maintain their independence. The majority of seniors prefer staying in their own homes. Fortunately, the homes can be remodeled and smart devices can be installed.

Homes can become a dangerous place for the elderly, especially when they are living alone. They are unable to carry out daily activities without having several modifications set in place. This is where smart devices technology comes in handy to help seniors to live independently with minimum help from the caregivers.

Elderly Friendly Smart Devices

GPS Tracker

There is a constant worry about the whereabouts and safety of the elderly when you are not with them. The best way to deal with the worry is to have a GPS tracker installed. A reliable GPS tracker boosts the security of the loved ones and helps the caregiver and the family to look after them. Most accidents happen when the seniors are left unattended.  However, with the GPS tracking device, you can track them and know if they need help. The GPS tracking device is a lifesaver to the elderly who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

The seniors are susceptible to major security risks especially when they are left at home alone. They need strong security measures to be put in place to minimize the chances of an attack from fraudsters, thieves, or criminals. GPS will help minimize these risks because the caregiver can monitor what is happening in different parts of the house. Besides, the family member can also view the activities when they are not at home and raise an alarm in case of a security threat.

Medical experts recommend wearable GPS tracking to provide real monitoring data throughout the day and at night. The wearable GPS tracking devices allow the caregiver to monitor the seniors and know when they need help. Especially when they fall or slide. Quick assistance will minimize the impact and minimize injuries. The rate of falls among seniors is high and can cause serious joint problems as well as death. The GPS tracker can also have a reminder mechanism to remind the seniors to take their medication. The seniors are likely to forget when to take medication, so the reminder is helpful. It also reminds the caregiver to give the senior the medication on time.

Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm

The emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm has been in the market for many years and is worn as wrist bands or as necklaces. The senior can press them anytime they need assistance. It is a convenient smart device because one may not have the energy to shout for help especially the seniors. The panic buttons are an assurance for safety because the seniors can maintain their independence while at home. The panic buttons are available in the market at very affordable prices. The aim is to ensure that the seniors can ask for help whenever they need it.

Panic buttons give caregivers and family peace of mind. If the senior is quiet and not pressing the button, it means that they are okay. It reduces the work of always checking up on the seniors when they are quiet which can be tiring. They are training on how to use the panic button so that they can press whenever they need help. The panic button helps to increase the recovering process of the individual because they can always call for assistance when they are in pain or if they need something.

The emergency panic button increases the confidence of our loved ones because they know they can ask for help anytime. It also reduces the chances of falling because they have a button to press to ask for help. The panic buttons have a simple design that is easy to use because they are wearable. The panic buttons can be attached in the wheelchair or at the bedside. Even the elderly suffering from arthritis will have an easy time to press the panic button.

Home Security Cameras

With the new technology available, it is a great opportunity for the homeowner to install the home security cameras. Installing different security cameras in the house is a great advantage to you to keep monitoring the activities in the house. Property damage and theft happen more in a home where the elderly is staying because they are vulnerable. It is highly beneficial to invest in a reliable and quality home security camera to increase safety at home. The seniors will also feel secure in a home that has security cameras. Installing security cameras will reduce crime rates. Thieves are less likely to steal from houses that have security cameras as compared to those that do not have security cameras.

The security cameras are connected with the cloud to store the data that can be retrieved in case of anything. It becomes easy to monitor who comes in and out of the house. In the event of stealing, the police can retrieve the data to see who stole and carry out a follow-up activity to recover what was stolen. You can also have live streaming on your phone to see what is happening when you are not at home. It will give you peace of mind.

The security cameras installation can have detectors and sensors that will raise an alarm if dangers are sensed. The security guards will be able to take immediate action. The caregiver can also call the police for help and minimize the effects of the danger. The automated alarm is highly beneficial because sometimes one may not know if a thief broke into the house. It will help those inside to call for help. Since you can watch what is happening at home on your phone, you can also raise an alarm and seek immediate help.

Installing security cameras has insurance benefits. With footages, you will have enough evidence to claim your insurance company in case of theft or vandalism. Also, you can get discounts on the monthly insurance premium. By the end of the year, you will have saved enough money in insurance and reduce crime attack possibilities.

Hoist / Lifting Devices

Hoist and lifting devices are beneficial in a home because it improves mobility at home and increases flexibility when one wants to move from the bed to the wheelchair or from the wheelchair to the bathtub. Lifting devices installed in the bed reduces the dependency on the caregiver because the elderly person can lower the bed when getting in and out of the bed. It increases their level of independence and improves their mobility in the house.

The bed is the first place that you will need the hoist and lifting devices because getting off and on the bed is challenging for individuals with mobility challenges. They can easily get off the bed at night to visit the bathroom. They can do this on their own as long as the lifting devices are functioning. Having the lifting devices reduces the work of the caregivers. Another advantage of having a lifting device in the bed is to position the head and legs, especially when reading a book or watching television. They can also adjust the bed according to how they need to make them comfortable and to rest well.

You can also have bath lifts that allow the elderly person to get from the wheelchair to the bathtub. Taking a shower is a difficult activity for the elderly who are dealing with mobility challenges. Bath lifts minimize risks of falling in the bathroom and maintain their dignity because they will be able to take a shower alone. You need to contact an expert to install the best lift and hoist devices. Here at Senior Care Singapore provide the best smart devices installation services because we have experts and professionals in this field.

The hoist devices save space because they can be dismantled and carried in a car or a boat when traveling. So, if you want to save space at home, you can consider buying the hoist devices to assist in mobility.

Elderly friendly smart devices are highly beneficial to the elderly because they increase home security and minimize falling or sliding risks. It also reduces worrying about the homeowner and the caregiver because they can monitor what is happening in the house. Since the elderly cannot shout, the panic button comes in handy when they need help urgently. Make use of the latest technology installing friendly smart devices to assist in looking after the elderly at home. You can contact us today to get the quotation for different smart devices. You can also book an appointment with us to guide you through different smart devices. We have experts with wide knowledge on the best smart devices to install in your house. 

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