Elderly Caregiver

Elderly Caregiver Singapore

When it comes to taking care of the elderly, you will need a responsible caregiver. The duties and tasks of the caregiver will vary each day depending on the needs of the elderly. Sometimes, it may be exhausting for the caregiver, especially when the tasks and duties are not outlined. the caregiver needs enough time to rest to look after the elderly well.

Here are the top responsibilities for any elderly caregiver.

Have Access to Medical Needs

The health of the elderly is important. The caregiver will need to track the medication prescriptions, medical appointments, and to check if the elderly are feeling pain. If the elderly are not responding well to medication, the caregiver can report to you. Then you can call the doctor to check on the elderly. The caregiver giver should ensure that the elderly do not miss any doctor’s appointment. Alternatively, you can have an appointment and medication tracker installed to minimize the risks of forgetting. A notification will be created early to remind the caregiver about the doctor’s appointment and medication.

Have a Care Plan

This will address the need of the elderly and how the caregiver will be able to take care of the needs. It should also include the daily routine and activities on how to clean the house and clothes. The plan is to ensure that the caregiver has a clear picture of the responsibility and know-how to plan. The caregiver will need time to rest so that they don’t get fatigued. Fatigue can cause health problems to the caregiver.

Provide Basic Needs

Basic needs include grooming, bathing, going to the toilet, and eating. The caregiver should check whether the elderly need extra help and offer assistance. If a house is modified, the elderly will enjoy freedom and independence as they can carry out daily tasks. The elderly appreciate having a safe home where they can take a bath or visit the toilet whenever they need it. It helps to preserve their dignity.

Provide Companionship

This is a significant responsibility that may be overlooked by many caregivers. The elderly can feel lonely even when with the caregiver and can result in depression. The caregiver should have activities that will strengthen their bond. The caregiver can engage the elderly in shopping or taking a walk in the park as they talk and laugh about life. It has health benefits for both the caregiver and the elderly.


Remember that housekeeping is significant. The elderly will need help with vacuuming, taking the garbage out, washing dishes, and keeping the house neat and tidy. Keeping a house clean is a significant element to help the elderly feel safe and comfortable. Obstacles, shoes, and clothes need to be kept off the pathways and the floor. Such obstacles can cause tripping or falling especially lying clothes and lose rugs. The aim is to keep the house a safe place and provide enough mobility space.

Monitor Prescriptions

The caregiver needs to have knowledge of the medication and provide the elderly with the right dosage at the right time. The caregiver needs to monitor the drug interaction to lower any risk of overdosage or overreaction. The caregiver should always have the emergency contact at hand to call for help whenever there is an emergency. The emergency line should include the contacts of the doctor, 911, and the homeowner. All these are to minimize the risks of any side effects and call for help in case of an emergency.

Food Preparation

Food preparation can be a challenging task for the elderly. The caregiver should be able to prepare meals for the elderly. However, if the elderly want to help in the process of meal preparation, you can involve them. It helps to create a bond and a connection, as well as making them feel still useful. Ensure that you give them proper nutrition. To make it easier, you will need to have a food meal plan to know what to buy from the market and what to prepare.

Assist with Mobility and Transfer

Falling is a major risk among the elderly. Helping them transfer from the bed to the living room will minimize fall risks. The caregiver needs to ensure that the elderly are safe and comfortable.

These responsibilities give you a picture of what the elderly caregiver’s responsibilities should be.

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