Senior Citizen Home Re-modelling Checklist

Senior Citizen Home Re-modelling Checklist Singapore

For the senior citizens to leave comfortably in a home, modification and remodeling are necessary. It is challenging for seniors to move around a home that has no modifications. Remodeling a home may be costly but it is a long-term solution to make a home senior-friendly.

Senior Citizen Home Remodeling Checklist.

Widening the Doorways

If the doorways are less than 32 inches, you will need to expand them to accommodate mobility devices such as walking cane and wheelchair. This task will include shifting the sockets near the doorways. You will need to work with an expert for this modification.

Install Lower the Doorknobs

the normal placing of the doorknobs can be high for the seniors, especially those using walking aid devices. You will need to lower them so that they can open or close the door. In addition to lowering the doorknobs, you will need to install a lower peephole. This will boost the security of the house since the elderly will only open the door for people they know. Remember that seniors are more vulnerable to house theft than other people. Taking a possible security measure is important.

Install Grab Bars

Grab bars installation is inevitable. They should be installed in the bathroom, toilet, and on the pathways. The grab bars provide extra support to the individual. The bars help to minimize the risk of slipping or falling. Work with a professional to get the best and durable grab bars.

Install a Slip Resistant Floor

The slip-resistant floor is a suitable way of creating a safe environment for the elderly. It may be expensive to replace the floor, but it is an important project. As people grow older, stability to walk reduces. The floor needs to provide a firm grip when walking. Also, buy shoes that have an anti-slippery sole.

The uneven floors should be made even, and cracked tiles should be replaced.

Install a Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair ramp makes it easier for one to use a wheelchair to access the house. Going through a staircase with a wheelchair is a difficult task. The elderly will need help. With the ramp, they can easily come in or go out of the house whenever they need to.

Modify the Kitchen

The countertops need to be lowered. High kitchen countertops are difficult to access. Lower storage cabinets should be maximized. Items that the senior need should be easily accessible. Drawers are more convenient because one can see all the items at a glance.

The kitchen should have enough space to allow easy use of a wheelchair and other walking devices. The sink should be shallow and accessible. Modifying the kitchen allows the seniors to carry out a simple task like washing their dishes, serving food, and preparing meals. The elderly like being engaged. Staying in bed the whole day is not healthy.

Have a Chair Lift or an Elevator

Homes with different floors are not elderly friendly if a chair lift or an elevator is absent. Elevators are a good investment because they can be used by all family members. The elevator can also be used to transport items to different areas in the house.

A chair lift is also advantageous. The elderly use it to maneuver through the staircase. It is comfortable and safe. The elderly can control the speed with buttons.

Lighting and Switches

You can consider installing motion sensor lighting system. It is reliable and convenient because the lights go on when movement is sensed. Switches should be placed at a lower level for easy use. No elderly want to strain when they want to reach a switch or a socket. You can install switches at the bedside. The switches should have a regulate to increase or reduce brightness.

The pathways and the bathroom should be well lit. as one grows older, vision becomes weak. Enough lighting will help the elderly to avoid obstacles and see the grab bars.

Have an Adjustable Bed

An adjustable bed is a good investment. It helps the elderly adjust the bed to make themselves comfortable when reading a book. The bed can lift the back and the legs according to the preference of the user. Also, the elderly can lower the bed when they want to get in or out of the bed. It helps to gain independence and it reduces the risk of bed falls.

Besides, you can install rails on both sides of the bed to provide support when the individual wants to turn in the bed. Without the rails, the senior can roll and fall. It is important to make the bed as comfortable as possible and make it safe.

Walk-in Showers or Shower Bench

Taking a bath is one of the difficult challenges among seniors. Many fear to fall in the bathrooms, others don’t like standing in the shower. This problem can be solved by having a walk-in shower or a shower bench.

A shower bench allows the person to sit when taking a shower hence take enough time for personal hygiene. They can also reach the feet. It reduces the risk of falling or slipping. A walk-in shower is convenient, and one does not need extra help. The senior can comfortably take a shower.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can choose a walk-in shower or a shower bench.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras scare off thieves. It gives you peace of mind since you can monitor what is happening at home when in the office. It also reduces the home insurance premium. When the risk of robbery is low, the premium cost reduces. Security cameras increase the resale value of the house.

Also, you should install an alarm system for the elderly to call for help when they are in danger. It gives the senior a sense of security and safety. The senior should also have a panic button. It allows them to be independent and reduces the work of the caregiver.

This is a checklist for remodeling your home to accommodate the elderly. You can contact us today to start the remodeling.

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