Transporting The Elderly

Transporting The Elderly Singapore

When an elderly can not drive, they will need an alternative mode to ensure that they do not miss the doctor’s appointments. There are plenty of options that you can use to transport the elderly.

Options for Transportation for the Elderly

You can drive them

This is a common mode of transporting the elderly because the seniors will fill comfortable traveling with you. It is also a convenient option because you will plan the time to go and even if you leave the facility late, it is still okay. There is no unnecessary tension. However, due to many activities during the day, it may become challenging to keep up with the doctor’s appointment. At this point, you can opt for another mode of transport.

Use a Taxi

You can book a taxi for the senior to take them to the doctor’s appointment. You will need to work with an individual who understands the needs of an elderly person. The driver should be willing to wait for the senior at the health care facility and take them back home. The taxi should be large enough to accommodate a wheelchair. The elderly will need it at the destination to assist with mobility. The disadvantage is that the taxi person might be engaged somewhere else or may come late hence inconvenient the elderly.

Medical Car

Medical cars are a great option to transport the elderly because they are comfortable and address the needs of the seniors. They will travel with trained professionals who will respond to any issue during transportation. The medical car will keep time and ensure that the elderly get to the facility on time. Since they have experience with transporting the elderly, they will help all the way and will bring the senior home after the appointment.

Wheelchair Van

For seniors confined in the wheelchair, a wheelchair van is a great option. The attendants will assist in lifting the elderly in the van and help the person out once they get to the health facility. This will give you peace of mind because the person will travel comfortably since the wheelchair is comfortable. Especially if the distance is far, being comfortable is an added advantage during transportation.

Use an Ambulance

An ambulance is also a great option for transportation especially if the senior is suffering from chronic diseases. Also, an ambulance is advantageous especially when an emergency arises. It may be difficult to get the public or private mode of transport in the middle of the night. Therefore, you can call the health care facility for an ambulance. It will come with medical practitioners who will start attending to the elderly before they get to the hospital. It minimizes the fatality rate and complications.

Public Transportation

In some countries, there are public transportation services that are customized for the elderly; especially the ones who use wheelchairs. However, public transport is not a reliable option for all the elderly. If it is strenuous, you can consider private modes of transportation. The private modes include using a taxi app to request a ride, or driving the person, or using a friend’s car. Transportation is a crucial need for every elderly or senior.

Aging Service Providers

You can check within your locality if there is any company that provides transportation services for the elderly. This kind of transportation is reliable and convenient. The cars or vans can carry the wheelchair or any other mobility devices, unlike the small cars. You can get a quotation to know the amount of money you will need to pay for transportation services. This will help you plan your finances well.

Before deciding on which transport mode to use, it is important to find out the cost and reliability. some are more convenient than others. The public system should be the last option because it can be very uncomfortable for the elderly. It is not comfortable hence it can cause joint pains. Comfort while transporting the elderly is key. This is why medical vans, wheelchair vans, and cars that have specialized in transporting the elderly are most preferred. Working with a medical van will ensure that the elderly do not forget about the appointments. Some even call a day earlier to remind the patient about the appointment. 

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