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Senior Citizens Corner Singapore

Senior Citizen’s Corner

The initiative for having senior citizen’s corner within the neighborhood has several advantages. The elderly always looks forward to meeting with others at the senior citizen’s corner. It is a place where the elderly sit to read newspapers, play board games, and socialize. An elderly would rather enjoy reading a […]

Independent Living for Seniors & Disabled Singapore

Independent Living for Seniors & Disabled

Independence means making choices, self-reliant, and fulfilling the lifestyle of your choice. Everyone, including the seniors and disabled, should be able to live independently with dignity. However, achieving independent living for seniors and disabled can be difficult. But, modification of homes and hiring a caregiver can help to achieve the […]

Making Singapore Senior proof and Elderly Friendly Singapore

Making Singapore Senior proof and Elderly Friendly

The population of the elderly in Singapore has been increasing over the years. The population is projected to double by 2030. This means that Singapore should become senior proof and elderly-friendly. Making homes in Singapore senior proof prevent accidents and makes the elderly feel comfortable and safe. Tips of making […]

Senior Citizen Home Re-modelling Checklist Singapore

Senior Citizen Home Re-modelling Checklist

For the senior citizens to leave comfortably in a home, modification and remodeling are necessary. It is challenging for seniors to move around a home that has no modifications. Remodeling a home may be costly but it is a long-term solution to make a home senior-friendly. Senior Citizen Home Remodeling […]

Elderly Homeowner Motion Sensor Lighting Singapore

Elderly Homeowner Motion Sensor Lighting

exterior motion sensor lighting is suitable for enhancing security while the indoor sensor lighting is for convenience and safety. Low visibility is one of the contributing factors to falling or slipping. You can hire an expert to install the motion sensor lighting or you can install it. Different types of […]

Wireless Medical Alert Systems For Seniors Singapore

Wireless Medical Alert Systems For Seniors

When shopping for a medical alert system for the seniors, it is important to answer the following questions. 1.      Do you want a mobile or home-based system? When medical systems were created, they were made to work in the homes alongside the home telephone. With the advancement in technology, mobile medical […]

Elderly Automatic Fall Detection Devices Singapore

Elderly Automatic Fall Detection Devices

The automatic fall detection devices can be worn as a necklace or as a wrist band. It can be worn all the time even when taking a shower. With the increasing technology, fall detection devices are improving every year. There are many fall detection devices in the market. All you […]

Senior Citizen Health Insurance Singapore

Senior Citizen Health Insurance

Aging brings several illnesses that can be expensive to treat. this is why senior citizen health insurance is important. The health insurance covers the medical expenses which give you peace of mind. Without health insurance, it can be stressful to manage medical bills. Sometimes the bills can be too high […]

Elderly Day Care Singapore

Elderly Day Care

Elderly daycare services are a great blessing to the elderly, caregiver, and the entire family. For the elderly who are aging at home, elderly daycare provides a good environment to socialize and interact with other seniors. Even when you have a stay home caregiver, elderly daycare is still necessary. The […]