Elderly Homeowner Motion Sensor Lighting

Elderly Homeowner Motion Sensor Lighting Singapore

exterior motion sensor lighting is suitable for enhancing security while the indoor sensor lighting is for convenience and safety. Low visibility is one of the contributing factors to falling or slipping. You can hire an expert to install the motion sensor lighting or you can install it.

Different types of motion sensor lighting

Wireless Motion Sensor Lighting

This one is beneficial for those who wake up at night to visit the bathroom. It focuses light on the direction of the person walking making the pathways clear and visible. It will detect movements such as walking on the pathway, getting out of the bed, or opening the doors. Once the movements stop, the lights will automatically go off.

Plug-in Motion Sensor

The plug-in motion sensor will detect reduced night light and turn on. They are suitable for the pathways and the exterior parts of the house. The benefit is that it will turn off the lights at daybreak. Once the sensor senses the availability of the natural light, it automatically goes off. It gives you peace of mind because it is energy efficient and it is automatic.

Light Switches

You can have additional light switches on the sensor lighting system. The switches allow you to switch off the lights when necessary. You can also switch the lights on to light the pathways to avoid falls and slips. However, it is better when you have automated motion sensor lighting for convenience. One may forget to switch on the light which can be hazardous to the elderly person.

Toilet and Bathroom Sensors

These are extremely important because most of the falls and slips happen in the bathroom or the toilet. The motion sensor lighting goes on once it notices movement or once the door is opened. Once the person leaves the bathroom or toilet, the light will automatically go off. Having enough lighting in the bathrooms helps the elderly to see clearly and avoid any obstacle. They can also see the grab bars and hold them for extra support.

Advantages of the Motion Sensor Lighting

  • The motion sensor lighting does not need physical touch. They are safe and reliable provided the sensor is in good condition. If you notice the sensor is not sensing motion, consider replacing it.
  • The motion sensor saves on the electricity bill. If you are turning on and off lights manually, you may want to leave the lights on throughout the night. This will increase the electricity bill. On the contrary, the automatic sensor will turn off the lights when no one is using the rooms.
  • It makes the pathways visible which reduces risks of falling or slipping. Motion sensor lighting is a convenient way of managing lighting in a home living with an elderly person. Consider installing motion sensor lighting today.
  • Suitable for elders who wake up at night to go to the toilet. Since the switches may be too high, the automatic sensor will be of great benefit. The elderly will see clearly and avoid the risk of falling. Also, it increases their independence because they can visit the toilet alone.


  • It may be disruptive at night especially if you just want to pass through a room to your bedroom or the living room. It will detect motion and turn on the lights.
  • The lights may turn off when there are no movements. If you decide to sit in one position for a long time; especially when watching the TV, the lights can go off. Therefore, you will need an additional manual system to still turn on or off the lights.
  • The exterior motion sensors can raise a false alarm if it senses a wandering cat or a dog. Therefore, you will need to work with a professional to install the sensor well to avoid unnecessary false alarms.
  • It is costly but it is a long-lasting project. It will only need that one-off installation payment and enjoy its benefits.

Elderly homeowner motion sensor lighting has more benefits than disadvantages. Therefore, it is a project worth investing in to make a home senior-friendly. It will help to minimize falls and slips within the house. For the exterior motion sensor, it can sense unusual movements and raise an alarm.

If you are considering motion sensor lighting, contact us today.

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