Best Elderly or Senior Friendly Home Designs

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As our loved ones become older, they will need a home design modification to make them comfortable and to suit their needs. Simple adjustments to the home design can make the seniors comfortable and safe.

As people age, activities such as climbing the staircase, reaching high shelves, taking a shower, or getting out of the bed can become a heavy task. Home design needs to be made friendly so that it can address the concerns of the elderly. It is essential to make the home safe and comfortable. It encourages the mental and physical well being of the elderly because they know that they can access different rooms in the house with ease.

Here are some of the friendly home designs that you can consider.

Home Security

Security is a major concern when designing a home for seniors. It is significant to install security measures such as smart locks, sprinklers, security cameras, and alarms among others to increase home security. Seniors who leave in high buildings at the top floors are highly vulnerable in case of a fire outbreak or a medical emergency. Ground-level homes are highly preferred for the elderly because of easy access to the exit in case of an emergency.

Installing a home security camera will minimize your insurance premium because the risks of theft are reduced. Thieves prefer stealing from houses that have no security cameras because they can easily get away. With security cameras, you can provide evidence to the police to assist in the search of the thief.

Installing burglar alarms is beneficial because it will detect any trespass and raise an alarm. Also, the seniors need to have a panic button within reach to press whenever they are in danger.

Home Lighting

Eyesight changes with aging and eye infections. the senior may require brighter or few yellow lights or cooler lights. However, the pathways need to have enough lighting to provide a clear view to avoid any obstacles. The lighting should be adjustable so that the seniors can set it how they feel comfortable especially when they want to read a book. With the available technology, it is possible to have lights that can be controlled with a remote which makes it easier for the seniors. When the senior decides to sleep, they can switch off the light and put in on when they wake up.


The living room furniture needs to be arranged and provide enough space for the seniors to move around. Especially when the senior is using a walking cane or a wheelchair to move around. The seats can be made adjustable to allow the senior to lift it when sitting or when standing up. Reaching to a low-level chair can be a great task for the elderly because it can lead to joint pains or backaches.

Furniture needs to have rounded ages to prevent accidents. sharp edges are dangerous to the elderly because they can easily get knocked. You can also opt for sofa sets that can recline the back and have sufficient cushion support.

You can have reachable cabinets installed to store the things that they frequently use. You can have a low-level cabinet installed by the bedside for storage and easy access. This encourages the seniors to be independent and able to reach for items whenever they need them.

Sockets and Switches

Sockets and switches should be located in reachable areas. High placed switches or very low placed switches and sockets may not be convenient to the seniors. Have the sockets and switches installed that they are accessible especially when one is sited on a wheelchair. The sockets and switches should also be safe to use.

Flooring Design

The flooring design is essential and it is important to install an anti-slippery floor. The bathroom and toilet floors should be anti-slippery and able to provide sufficient grip. The bathroom floors should also have water-resistant materials to prevent cracks and chipping. The floor should be even. Cracks and dents should be repaired to ensure a smooth movement of the wheelchair. The floor should provide safety and stability for the seniors. The outdoor flooring should have ramps for easy maneuvering of the wheelchair.

Grab Bars

The house should have grab bars at the door, at the pathways, in the bathroom, in the toilet, and the bedroom. Grab bars are essential for every home when living with an elderly person because they provide extra support. Especially in the bathroom, grab bars are inevitable because bathroom falls are common. The grab bars help in providing extra support when using the shower bench or bathtub.

Lift Chair

If you have a staircase in the house, you will need to install a rail for the lift chair use. The lift chair is comfortable and removes the risk of falling when using the staircase. The senior can independently use it when going down or when going up the staircase.

Using the staircase for the elderly is a great task. Alternatively, you can install an elevator. It is convenient because it can also be used to move items in different parts of the house. Elevators have been gaining popularity over the years because of how safe and convenient they are. The seniors enjoy using them because one can use them with a wheelchair.

Entrance and Pathways Design

The entrance and pathways need to have a design that can accommodate the free movement of a wheelchair. Wheelchairs can not fit comfortably in the normal door sizes. All doors in the house need to be large enough to allow the user to get in and out comfortably when using a wheelchair. This encourages independence among the elderly because they can access different rooms in the house without help.

Other things to observe is to avoid loose rugs because they can cause slipping and falling. The pathways need to be kept free from rugs and items. Objects and lying items can cause falling or slipping accidents. it is important to always keep the pathways and entrance clear.

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