Converting a House into a Senior or Elderly Friendly Home

Senior Friendly homes Singapore

Several areas will need remodeling to make a house elderly-friendly. The areas include the bathroom, pathways, floors, bedroom, kitchen, and the living room. Converting a house into a senior-friendly home is a great investment. It helps the senior to leave independently and minimize the risks of tripping or falling. Falling accidents are common among seniors because as people grow older, they lose stability to walk; balancing becomes a challenge.

The Pathways

The pathways need to be remodeled to make it easier to move around the house; either with a wheelchair or with a walking cane. Here are ways that the pathways can be made elderly-friendly.

  • Install the non-slippery floor to provide firm support to a walking cane or a wheelchair. Slippery floors can be a dangerous recipe for disaster.
  • The pavements around the house should have non-slip scuff to allow easy movement of a wheelchair.
  • The pathway should be made even and the cracked area should be repaired. Smooth and even surfaces make mobility easier.
  • Have ramps rather than the staircase. It is challenging to move a wheelchair on a staircase as compared to using ramps. Remove the steps at the door entrance and make it flat. The raised steps increase the chances of falling.
  • The pathways should have enough lighting.

The Kitchen

  • Make the kitchen spacious to allow easy movement with the wheelchair. Congested kitchens are not the best for the elderly because they can easily knock counters or utensils while using the kitchen.
  • The working table should be lowered to allow the elderly person to use it even when sited in a wheelchair.
  • The sinks should be shallow for easy usage. Deep kitchen sinks can be challenging to use because it can strain the senior.
  • Have a microwave drawer for easier access and use.
  • The frequently used items should be placed on accessible drawers. This is to make sure that the seniors can be able to reach the items whenever they need them.

The Bathroom

Most of the falls happen in the bathroom. The bathroom needs to be made as safe as possible for the elderly. Taking a shower can be a very difficult task for the seniors of the bathroom has no features to accommodate them. Here are ways that you can convert the bathroom and make it safe for the elderly.

  • Install anti-slippery from in the shower area and the bathroom. The anti-slippery floor will provide grip even when water is running.  You can also get a non-slip mat that is quality.
  • Install grab bars. You can have both the vertical and the diagonal bars to provide extra support to the senior whenever they need it. Ensure that you get the grab bars that can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Install shower bench or shower wheelchair. These two are appropriate for seniors who find it difficult to stand. The shower bench or the shower wheelchair will be a great way to make them comfortable. Having a shower bench/chair will minimize the falling risks.

The Toilet

The toilet should be made friendly and safe as well. It should have non-slip mats and grab bars. You can install the toilet lift to minimize the distance of reaching to the toilet seat. It helps to protect the dignity of the elderly because they can comfortably access the toilet alone. If the toilet is not remodified, the elderly will need assistance from the caregiver.

Grab bars are also necessary to help the seniors to sit on the toilet and to provide extra support when standing up.

The Bedroom

To make the bedroom elderly-friendly, you will need to make the following adjustments.

  • Have a bed that has rails on both sides. This will prevent the senior from rolling out of the bed. The rails will also provide support to the elderly when they are turning on the bed.
  • Have a bed that can be lifted and lowered. Adjustable beds are an asset because the seniors can be able to lower it or lift it whenever they need to.
  • Have switches and sockets on the bedside for easy access. They can charge their phones or tablets and switch on or off the lights. It will encourage independence within the house.

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