Home Modifications for senior or elderly family members

Elderly family members will appreciate home modifications that will make their lives easier. Here at Senior Care Singapore, we provide different home modification methods to maintain the safety and independence of the elderly. The main reason for modifying the home for seniors is to make them comfortable and safe. They will feel lively and it will encourage them to complete fewer tasks within the house.

Ways on how to best modify your home for the senior family members.

Widen the Doorways

If the elderly person relies on a wheelchair or walker, it is important to widen the doorways. Normal door sizes do not fit the wheelchair. Widening of the doorways becomes a must to modify the home for the elderly.

Construct Ramps

Ramps are significant because they eliminate the stress of using the staircase to access the house from outside. It is easier to use ramps when using mobility aids such as wheelchair and walkers. You will need to work with licensed professionals like us to install the ramps with perfect rise and height. Not all ramps that are convenient for the elderly.

You can have indoor ramps as well for smooth transition and navigation in the house. Alternatively, you can have a lift chair to navigate through the staircase. A lift chair is highly advantageous because they will not need assistance from another person. The lift chair is comfortable and convenient.

Modifying the Kitchen

As the elderly age, most of the locations of items in the kitchen are no longer ideal for them. The countertops and the pantries are high, especially when they are using a wheelchair. The sinks are also high and deep which becomes difficult to access them when sited on a wheelchair. Therefore, you will need a professional to adjust the heights of these items and make them accessible to the elderly family members. The most used items are kept at low cabinets for easy access.

Bathtub and Shower Modification

You can replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower which is easier and safe to use than a bathtub. Bathtub increases the risk of falling and tripping which can be very dangerous for the seniors. You can also install a shower bench or chair in a traditional bathroom. This will include the installation of grab bars on the walls. Standing can become a challenge to many elders. It will be more comfortable to take a shower when sited. Besides, sitting on the shower bench will minimize the risks of falling and tripping.

If you still want the senior to enjoy a bathtub shower, you can modify the bathtub to have a door. This way, the senior will be able to get in the bathtub comfortably. The door has sealants to prevent water from leaking. A bathtub is advantageous because staying in warm water is therapeutic. It helps to minimize joint and muscle pains.

Modifying the Floors

If the existing floors are not anti-slippery, you will need flooring modifications. Even and smooth floors are easier to navigate with a walking stick and a wheelchair as compared to cracked and uneven floors. You can also consider having wall to wall carpeting to provide extra grip to the walking cane. Elimination of potential hazards of falling and tripping makes the elderly safe. You will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe at home.

Tracking Devices

You will need to use extra technology like home security cameras, GPS tracking devices, and panic buttons among others. These monitoring systems allow you to monitor what is happening at home. Security cameras scare away thieves and in case of an attack, the police can be able to track using the footage. The panic button is essential for the elderly to ask for help whenever they need it.

You can also have medical alert technology to remind the elderly in when to take medicine. This technology can be linked to a smartphone. the medical alert can also remind you and the elderly person about the doctor’s appointments. One can become busy and forget about medical appointments.

GPS helps to track the person especially when engaging in outdoor activities. The seniors are vulnerable to getting lost, especially those suffering from dementia or memory loss. The tracker can be worn as a wrist band or a necklace. 

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