Elderly Lifting Seats

Elderly Lifting Seats Singapore

A power lift chair is a good solution for the elderly. A lifting seat can be a great gift for the elderly who could be your grandma or grandpa. The lift seat has a feet lift and sliding mechanism to allow the senior to sit comfortably on the seat. It allows the senior to relax and reduce joint pain. The lifting seat is also advantageous when one wants to sit down or wants to stand up. A normal chair can be a strenuous activity for the elderly because it may be too low for them. This exercise can strain their joints and muscles.

Benefits of Elderly Lifting Seats

It makes Sitting Down and Standing up Easy

Sitting down may be a difficult activity for the elderly especially when the seat is too low. For the elderly suffering from arthritis, it can be a nightmare to sit or stand from the normal seats. Having the lifting seats, it allows the senior to adjust the seat according to the preferred height and to sit on it. Also, when the person wants to stand, the seat can lift to a comfortable position. The operation of the sat can either be manual or automatic. automatic lifting seats are preferable because they encourage the independence of the seniors.

It can Recline to Rest

The lifting seat can recline to provide a comfortable position for the senior to take a nap. After watching the favorite TV show or reading a book, they may need to take a nap. This limits the distance of going to sleep in the bedroom. The lifting seat becomes convenient because the seniors can sleep anytime during the day. Besides, the lifting seat can be inclined to give the person a good position to read a book, play computer games or watch the favorite TV shows. The lifting seats have simple controls to allows the user to adjust it.


Lifting chairs are available in different colors and designs which can blend well with your interior décor. You can choose the color of the fabric that will blend well with your current style. You are not limited to a specific design or color. You can also get yours customized according to your preference. Some lifting seats have additional options like a massage.

Massage and Heat Options

You can purchase a lifting seat that has massage and heat options for ultimate heat therapy and relaxation. The massage and heat option is a great advantage for seniors. it will help to reduce joint pains and will have a good sleeping pattern. Besides, you will be able to save the money you could have hired for heat therapy and massage. If you want to achieve the most from the lifting seats, consider buying the one with massage and heat options.

It can be Rented

You can rent the lifting seats if you are operating on a tight budget. This is a great option especially when you do not know for how long you will need the chair. Renting allows you to try out different lifting seats before you decide on which one to buy. 

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