GPS Tracker For Elderly

GPS Tracker For Elderly Singapore

If an elderly person has a memory loss infection such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, they will need a GPS tracker to monitor them. It is difficult to look after the elderly with memory loss without the GPS tracker they are susceptible to getting lost. When most people think about GPS tracking devices, they think of installing it in cars and other valuable assets. Our seniors are our treasure and we value every moment shared with our loved ones. GPS trackers improve the safety of the elderly and to react quickly in case of an emergency. GPS trackers for the elderly are extremely beneficial.

Benefits of the GPS Tracker for the Elderly

There are several benefits of having GPS trackers for the elderly since we cannot accompany them everywhere, they go.

The Elderly are Susceptible to Getting Lost

An elderly can get lost in the market place or the shopping mall. The worst case is if the senior has a loss of memory condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. It means that they cannot remember where the house is, they cannot remember their location, and they can easily follow a stranger. It will be a lot of work to look for them manually. Family members will be very much worried because they cannot track where the person is. To minimize the getting lost incidence and give the family members peace of mind, a GPS tracker is necessary. It gives the live location of the person and in case they get lost, they can be easily tracked.

Prevents Wandering

It is easy to know when an individual has wandered past their safe boundaries. The GPS tracker will alert the caregiver and they will check up on the elderly person. The aimless wandering is what leads to get lost because the elderly may forget about the residential areas and location. If they do not have a panic button, they will not be able to raise an alarm or to seek help from the caregiver or other family members. To avoid the risk of getting lost, have the elderly person wear the GPS tracker as a wrist band or as a necklace. An extra GPS tracker can also be installed in the wheelchair.

Forgetting the Medication

This is common among the elderly. Besides, the caregiver can also forget to give the medication because they may be swamped with a lot of work at home. To avoid such mistakes, it is important to have a GPS tracker with a timer to remind the senior and the caregiver about the medication. Chances of forgetting the medication will be minimized.

Forgetting about self-care activities

Some self-care activities like taking a shower can be easily forgotten by the elderly person. Taking a shower is an exhausting activity for the elderly person especially if the bathroom has not been modified. Taking a bath looks like an easy activity, but it can be very tiring for the elderly person. If they are not reminded, they might as well ignore it. The GPS tracker can raise a reminder alarm for them to go to the shower. It will also remind the caretaker, so they can remind and offer help to the senior.

Gives Peace of Mind

Family members and caregivers will have peace of mind because they can easily monitor the location of the senior. It will encourage the independence of the elderly because the caregiver will not have to stay with them wherever they are in the house. They can be alone reading a book, or drawing, or watching the television. The elderly also enjoy doing a few activities without asking for help from another person. However, for those with dementia conditions, they will need close monitoring. When they are in the kitchen, they can easily hurt themselves because of memory loss. They can warm something and forget that it is hot and hold it with bare hands. This is can be very dangerous to them.

GPS tracker is advantageous and helpful when it comes to the security and monitoring of elderly persons. With the latest technology, it is possible to have real-time monitoring on your smartphone. This will give you peace of mind even when you are not with the elderly person.

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