Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm

Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm Singapore

An emergency SOS panic button alarm sends a customed message that has the current location of the person. This means that the caregiver or the family member can locate the elderly person and provide the assistance they need. In the event of an emergency, they can also press the panic button to raise an alarm for the security to come and intervene. It is by default that the SOS panic button will send a customized message in less than 1.5 seconds. It is highly beneficial because one can seek help in case of an accident or an emergency attack from robbers. It can also be used when one falls in the house and is unable to stand up. It provides peace of mind to the family and the caregivers because the elderly can remain independent.

Here are a few aspects of the panic button alarm installation you should consider.

24-hour Monitoring

The SOS panic button provides a 24-hour monitoring service because it can be used at any time of the day or night. It is a very light button that can be worn as a wrist band or necklace. Also, the panic button can be installed in a wheelchair or at the bedside. The panic button can also be clipped on the clothing, belt, or on anything wearable. Some of these panic buttons can incorporate falling detectors. If the elderly person falls, the panic button sends an alarm to the caregiver. The fall detector is most preferred to the elderly and the handicap to raise an alarm when they fall. It will help to minimize fall injuries because help will be offered immediately. Falls can cause joint injuries and, in some cases, it can cause death. The panic button can also be incorporated with a GPS tracker to monitor the person, especially those with a condition called dementia.

Telecare Technology

When you decide to shop for the SOS panic button, you will probably come across the term ‘telecare’. The telecare technology allows the caregiver or the family member to monitor the elderly to know what they are doing and offer help when they need it. Telecare technology can have door sensors, chair sensors, bed sensors, and heat sensors. This can alert the caregiver in case they are in trouble or they have remained inactive for long. Being inactive can mean that they are asleep or they are in a difficult position and they need help.

The setting up of the telecare technology in the panic button involves the installation of sensors and fall detectors. This is established to provide enough care to the elderly and to make it easy to monitor the elderly. The panic button alarm that has sensors and falling detector give the family peace of mind because they will be comfortable monitor the elderly person even when not at home.

Falling Detectors

The elderly are at risk of falling more than any other person in the family. Incorporating the falling detectors in the panic button alarm assures the family that if they fall, they will get quick help.

A falling detector can be incorporated in the panic button alarm which can be worn on the wrist or necklace. The sensor will detect the unexpected downward motion and raise and alarm. Some allow the person to talk while others raise an alarm. Many people prefer combining the fall detector sensor with the panic button. This is a very effective approach for the safety pf the elderly and the convenience of the caregiver.

Here at Senior Care Singapore, we provide SOS panic button installation with different systems such as falling detectors and telecare. This will provide 24-hour monitoring benefits which provide peace of mind. Working with professionals enables you to get the best service and the incorporation of different systems to improve its efficiency. A professional will help you to choose the best SOS panic button alarm for the elderly. There are very many types in the market and you may be confused about deciding the best. A professional has sufficient knowledge of what to look for to choose the best panic button. Remember that the panic button alarm needs to incorporate different aspects to make it efficient and reliable.

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