Elderly Safety Bed Rails

Elderly Safety Bed Rails Singapore

The task of getting out of bed seems easy but it can be difficult for the elderly. Having elderly safety bed rails can help to reduce the risk of rolling or falling. Bed rails are holding bars that are installed at the bedside to prevent the person from rolling out of bed. They also provide additional support to the person when coming out of the bed.

Types of Bed Rails

Bed rails come in many sizes and shapes and can have numerous functions. They can be mounted on the bed frame or the mattress. A bed can also have in-built storage and adjustable width and height options.

Bed Rail Handles: 

Bed rail handles occupy less space and are convenient for seniors that need little help to get out of the bed. These handles are attached directly to the bed.

Crossbar Rails

This type has multiple rails that provide the user with extra support to get on the bed and to safely get off the bed. The crossbar has more than one handle and is directly attached to the bed.

Bed rails that are legless

These are portable and are tucked in between the mattresses. They can be adjusted and placed in a different med. However, the mattress needs to be strong enough to accommodate the support of the senior when they want to get off the bed. This feature can also have in-built storage.

Foldable Bed Rails

Foldable bed rails make it easy to access the bed and enhance quick access. Folding the bed rails also makes the bed clear and avoid the bulky look. It is advantageous because the caregiver can be able to clean the bed and access the bed without the bed rails barriers.

Double Bed Rails

These are suitable especially when the bed is positioned in the middle of the room. Both bedsides will need the rails to prevent the senior from rolling to the floor and to support the elderly when getting in and out of the bed.

Here is why Seniors need Bed Rails.

They provide support and minimize rolling risks especially when the bed is in the middle of the room. Bed falls are high among seniors because they have minimal stability. To ensure that the are safe at night, install the bed rails. This will minimize bed falls and injuries associated with falling.

The seniors need extra support to get in and out of the bed. This is why safety bed rails should be installed. Without the rails, they will constantly need the caregiver to help them in and out of the bed. This increases their dependency which many people do not like. Having the bed rails will help them to access the bed whenever they need it.

The bed rails provide support to the seniors to be able to adjust themselves comfortably in the bed. They will need something to hold on when moving around the bed in addition to getting in and out of the bed. Sleeping on one side can lead to fatigue and joint pain.  

Having bed rails provides freedom for using the bed. The bed rails prevent falls and provide extra support to the person. They are safety straps to the elderly and can comfortably get off the wheelchair to bed and back to the wheelchair. Proper installation of the bed rails makes it safe for the individual to use the bed.

What to Consider when buying the Bed Rails

You need to consider the cost of the bed rails. The cost of the rails depends on their functionality, design, and features that you want. Shop around and compare different prices in different stores. This will help you to get the best deal.

Check the material and the capacity of the rail. How much weight it can hold to make sure that it is safe for the elderly to use it. If the bed is in the middle of the room, the bed will need bed rails on both sides. Also, the rails will prevent the rolling of the elderly person.

The brand of the bed rails matters. Some brands have quality and durable bed rails than others. It is important to have quality and durable bed rails.

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