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Hoist / Lifting Devices Elderly

Here at Senior Care Singapore, we provide a wide range of hoist or lifting devices. These devices are designed to help the elderly and the disabled with challenges in mobility. These devices are easy to maintain and operate. The hoist or lifting devices can either be operated manually or electrically. They are designed to lift the elderly person from one place to another. The manual hoist or lifting devices will need a caregiver to operate and can be very exhausting as compared to the electrical ones. The availability of the hoist and lifting devices has made a life for the elderly and the disabled convenient and comfortable.

Here are some of the hoist/lifting devices that we provide.

Lifting Seats

Sitting down and standing up can be a difficult task for the elderly, especially when the seats are too low. Having the lifting seat, they will be able to adjust the seat to the position where they can comfortably sit or stand. The lifting seats give the seniors a sense of independence because they can adjust the seat to a preferred position. It helps to minimize the risks of injury when sitting because it protects the joints from stretching or straining. The lifting seats provide extra comfort because it can lift the legs and incline the back when relaxing. One can read a book or watch their favorite TV show.

Manual Hoist

A manual hoist can be used anywhere to assist in mobility. It can be used in the house and also in the care facility center. There are bed hoists, bath lifts, or bariatric hoists. The main challenge with the manual hoist is that the caregiver will be needed to lift the person by manually operating this hoist. It does not provide a sense of independence because extra help is needed. The manual hoist reduces the risk of falling and improve mobility issues. It saves up space because it is not as bulky as a wheelchair and it is portable. When purchasing one, ensure that you check the weight limit it can hold. Getting the right hoist will serve you for many months.

Electric Hoist

Electric hoist is convenient because it requires less work. The electric hoist is a fantastic mobility aid to the elderly and for people living with disabilities. Attempting to lift a person manually is straining and can cause the risk of injuries to you or the caregiver. This is why hoist and lifting devices were invented to help manage the weight of the individual. The caregiver can comfortably control the hoist by pressing buttons to lift the elderly from the wheelchair to bed and vice versa. The hoist device can also be used to lift the person from the wheelchair to the bathtub. It is a convenient method because it minimizes the risk of sliding or falling.

Ceiling Hoist

Ceiling hoists are highly advantageous when looking after the elderly or someone living with disabilities. The ceiling hoist provides peace of mind knowing that the person can conveniently move from one room to another. It is simple to use and a great asset for those struggling with mobility issues. It requires minimal operation and effort. It can be controlled by a single person. No physical effort required for the caregiver to move the elderly person from one room to another. Ceiling hoists save space because they do not take up the floor space making them perfect to access toilets and bathrooms.

Chair Lift

A chair lift provides an easy time for the caregiver because they can focus on other duties at home. They will not need to be always there to help the elderly to sit or stand from the chair since it has a chair lift. Chair lift provides comfort to the seniors because it can be adjusted into a different position. Some chair lifts have massage and heat units that can be used to relieve back pain or muscle pain.

Home Elevators

Home elevators are a great asset; especially when the house has several floors. Using the staircase can be a nightmare for the elderly or people living with disabilities. To manage this difficulty, you can install the home elevators. They are easy to use and very comfortable. They are accessible with a wheelchair.

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