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Toilet Lift Seats Senior Citizen Elderly Singapore

Toilet lift seats are a great asset to the elderly and people living with disabilities. The toilet lift seats can be lifted automatically or manually. However, automated lift seats are most reliable because they do not need extra energy to lift. Many seniors find it challenging to use the toilets when they do not have the lift mechanism. It stretches and strains their joints making the whole activity painful. When using the normal toilet, they will need a caregiver to help them use the toilet. Having the toilet lift seats is convenient for both the caregiver and the elderly.

Why you need Toilet Lift Seats

Here are a few reasons as to why you need to install the toilet lift seats in a home with an elderly person or disabled.


The electric toilet lift seats are reliable and are operated by pressing buttons to adjust according to the desired height. They are easy to install and it takes a few hours to install and to start using. You can work with a technician to assist you with the installation.

Encourages Independence

Protecting the dignity and independence of the elderly is an important factor. For the traditional toilet, they will need a caregiver to help them seat on the toilet and to stand up. Naturally, people prefer going to the toilet a lot. To make this possible, you will need to install the toilet lift seats. The elderly can comfortably use the toilet alone without seeking any assistance from the caregiver.

It is Safe

The toilet lift seats are safe to use because they minimize injuries and muscle strain. The lift seat provides extra support when standing up and adequate support when sitting on the toilet seat. Especially the electric-powered toilet lift easily raises the elderly from a sitting position so that they can stand. The electric-powered toilet lift is most preferred because the elderly will not need a caregiver to lift the toilet for the senior to stand. The senior can do it alone.


The toilet lift seats are very convenient because the senior does not need assistance from the caregiver. They can easily operate the toilet seat alone and remain safe and free from falling. This is a great advantage because they will visit the toilet whenever they need without feeling that they are being a burden to anyone. It also gives them peace of mind to know that they can carry out a few activities in the house with the help of the caregiver.


The toilet lift seats provide the stability the person needs when seating on the seat and when standing up. Stability is key for an elderly person and that is why handling bars are fitted in the bathroom, toilet, and hallways. These bars help to provide stability and minimize falling risks which can cause a lot of injuries. The toilet lift seats minimize the stretching of the knee joints, making it easier for the senior to sit and stand. It is a big relief especially for the elderly who are suffering from arthritis.

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