Elderly Walking Aid

Elderly Walking Aid Singapore

Walking aids are the most common mobility devices used by the elderly. As people get older, balancing becomes minimal and one will need a walking aid. Most of the walking aid devices can be adjusted according to the needs of the user. The walking aid prevents the risk of falling and provides the elderly with the independence of mobility. The walking aid transfer the body weight from the legs to the upper body. Even though the walking aid assists with movement, it causes great pressure on the wrists and hands. Unless the elderly use walking canes with other mobility devices such as a wheelchair, it can strain the upper hand and cause hand issues.

Types of Walking Aids


Walking canes provide additional support to the person hence support stability and safety. Walking canes can support 25% of the body’s weight, especially where it is only one foot that is impaired. Walking canes will need more arm and hand strength to gain walking stability. You will need to select the right height to support the individual when standing or walking. Getting an adjustable cane is the best choice because the user can adjust it according to their needs.

Rollators and Walkers

A walker is a suitable walking aid that minimizes the risks of falling and provide sufficient support. A walker requires minimal effort to move around as compared to the walking cane. The walker can support 50% of the users’ body weight. A walker may have two or four legs that make it more comfortable to use.

A walker that is wheeled is called a rollator. It makes it easier to use and to maneuver. Some rollators are foldable and have handbrakes to provide additional security. It can have a storage bucket that can be used to carry shopping. Rollators are comfortable and cause less fatigue.


A motorized scooter is one of the best options to help seniors to cover long distances. It is allowed in public systems. It is controlled by staring and it has brakes. Indoor scooters are small while outdoor scooters are larger. They have adjustable arm and feet rest to make the user comfortable.

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair causes excessive fatigue and difficulty in maneuvering rough terrain. A manual wheelchair will need a person to push the person to minimize fatigue. The seniors may enjoy independence while at home because the distance to cover is short. However, using it in a shopping mall, they will need an extra hand to push them through.

Electric Wheelchairs

These kinds of wheelchairs are more convenient to use than manual wheelchairs. They can be controlled with a joystick hence encourage independent mobility of the elderly. One can cover longer distances with minimal fatigue. There are different designs of the electric wheelchair. You can choose the best according to the weight capacity and the budget.

You can book an appointment with us to find out the best elderly walking aid devices. It is beneficial to work with an expert in this field. 

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