Bathroom Grab Bars

Bathroom Grab Bars Elderly Singapore

Seniors and people living with disabilities need assistance to go through daily activities. This is why home modification for the elderly and the people living with disabilities is crucial. Installing grab bars in the house is inevitable especially in the bathroom. Other areas that need to grab bars include walkways, doors, bedrooms, the kitchen, and the toilet. The grab bars improve the safety of seniors and people living with disabilities. They provide extra support to the individual in the bathroom.

What to Consider when Buying Bathroom Grab Bars

When buying the bathroom grab bars, it is important to know exactly what to look for. Here are a few specifications you might consider.

Temporary or Permanent

Depending on the tenant agreement, you can discuss with the landlord to know the grab bars that you will install. Permanent grab bars are screwed on the wall while the temporary ones are mounted on the wall using the suction mechanism. If you are not renting, you can consider having the permanent bathroom grab bars.

Type of the Grab Bar

There is a vertical grab bar that can be fixed on a wall and can be adjustable depending on the needs of the user. The vertical bar helps the seniors to pull themselves up. The vertical bars are usually fitted in with rubbers to provide grip. If the apartment you are living in will not allow you to have permanent grab bars, you can install the temporary ones.

Horizontal grab bars are the most installed in the hallway, kitchen, bedside, toilet, and the bathroom. It is easier to grab a horizontal bar in case of sliding as compared to the vertical bars. However, these two can be installed together especially in the toilet and in the bathroom.


It is important to consider the stainless-steel grab bars because they do not rust. The bathroom has a lot of moisture which can accelerate the rusting process. Therefore, stainless steel is the most preferred for grab bars. The stainless-steel grab bar can be added rubber or plastic padding to provide a firm grip to the elderly. Rubber padding is the most preferred because it does not slip even when it is wet.


There are foldable grab bars that help in the process of raising or lowering in the bathroom. It is adjustable and flexible for different heights hence provide stability and comfort to the elderly or the person living with a disability. The foldable grab bars are highly reliable and reduce strain to the elderly when using the bathroom. They may be costly than the rest, but they are generally advantageous.

The grab bars are resistant to rusting, they are durable and provide stability for people that need to use them in everyday life. The elderly and people living with a disability can be independent when visiting the bathroom and they can do so whenever they need it. They will not have to wait for someone to come and help them with the process.

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