Widening doors & hallways for Seniors, Disabled & Handicap

Widening doors & hallways for Seniors, Disabled & Handicap Singapore

The hallways and the doors need to be widened for the seniors, disabled and handicap for free movement in and out of the house. Narrow doors and hallways are strenuous for movement especially when one is using a wheelchair or walking canes. Sufficient space is needed to minimize falls and injuries. One of the ways of reducing strain and risks of injuries is by widening the doors and the hallways. As the hallway is widened, the anti-slippery floor is also installed to reduce the risks of falling.

Benefits of Widening Doors And Hallways

Maintain Independence

Wheelchair users can easily navigate within their homes if the doors and the hallways are wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. This increases their independence because they can go out and, in the house, whenever they need without asking for help. Going out to busk under the sun is a healthy activity for the elderly and people living with disabilities.  The widening of the doors and hallways will need an expert to handle the project. Right measurements need to be put in place to ensure uniformity throughout the hallway. Such adjustments can be made on commercial buildings as well to allow wheelchair access.

Quick Process

The alterations of the doors and the hallways can be complex depending on the design of the house. However, it is a quick process when you decide to work with experts in this field. This is because they have handled many projects and they will understand what kind of adjustments your home needs. If you work with inexperienced people, you might need to hire an expert to correct the mistakes which will make the project very expensive.

Improve Mobility

Wider doors and hallways improve mobility of the elderly using the wheelchair and walking canes. This is why the door needs to be removed and widened to allow free movement. The doors to be adjusted include the kitchen, bedroom, washroom, and toilet doors. All doors that are in the house, especially for the rooms that the wheelchair users have to access need to have wider doors. Our many years of experience in widening the hallways and doors and healthcare professionals is beneficial to our customers. The measurements of widening the doors need to comply with the healthcare outlines.

Increases Convenience

Having wider pathways and doors will increase the convenience of the mobility of the elderly and handicap. They will need minimal assistance to get in and out of the house. This will give the caregiver an easy time to look after the seniors and people living with disabilities. They will not need to carry the person in and out of the house or when they want to move within the house. The elderly and the individuals living with disabilities will find the home convenient because they can move around the house freely.

If you need widening doors and hallways for seniors, disabled ad handicap, contact us. We have experienced experts to handle these modifications and to make your home convenient for all.  

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