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Shower Chair / Wheelchair Elderly Singapore

A shower chair is a great advantage for individuals who have limited mobility. The shower chair or wheelchair allows one to take a shower safely and independently. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider before buying the shower chair or shower wheelchair.

Factors that you need to consider

Weight Capacity of the Shower Chair

One of the primary factors that you need to consider is the weight capacity of the chair. There are a variety of shower chairs that can accommodate different weights. Heavy weigh individuals will need a stronger shower chair, unlike the lightweight chair.


There are shower chairs that are built with aluminum while others are built with plastic. Aluminum shower chairs are costing higher than the plastic chairs. However, you can have a shower chair that is built by both materials. Others can have a mesh-back to allow support and comfort to the user.


The choice of size depends on the size of your bathroom. If the bathroom is small, you will need a smaller shower chair. If your bathroom is big, it can accommodate a larger shower chair or wheelchair. It is important to understand the size of your bathroom to purchase the right size of the shower chair.


The shower chair can be portable or fixed. The shower chairs that have wheels are referred to as shower wheelchair. The wheels also provide a firm grip on the ground because they can be locked when taking a shower. The alternative is to have a permanent shower chair in the bathroom. It is a common alternative because the shower chair will always be in the bathroom. However, the fitting of the shower chair needs to be done by a professional to ensure that it is at the right place for convenient use of the shower.


The design can either be reclining or upright. Most shower chairs are built in the reclining designs and with rising legrests. It is to allow the user to comfortably take a shower and to reach their legs comfortably. For the upright design, they will need help from the caregiver in the process of bathing.

Commode or no Commode

The shower chair can be combined with the commode feature which means it can be used in the toilet too. This allows the user to use the commode shower chair in the bathroom and in the toilet too. It is convenient because one will not need to use different items when they want to use the toilet. The dual functionality helps to eliminate the caregiver’s help to move the senior from the shower chair to the toilet and back.


Some brands are commonly known while others are still new in the market. Trusted brands tend to have quality medical equipment that is durable and safe to use. However, you can work with a professional in this field to help you decide on the best brand to buy.

Always ensure that the shower chair or shower wheelchair is thoroughly cleaned to maintain high hygiene. Contact us today for more information!

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