Elderly Elevated Toilet Seats

Elderly Elevated Toilet Seats Singapore

Elevated toilet seats are designed to minimize the distance of sitting on the toilet and standing up. The normal toilet height can be strenuous to the elderly because it involves stretching of the joint muscles which can be painful. Seniors find it challenging to sit on low toilet seats. Elevating the toilet seat is a great advantage to them. It will also reduce their dependency on the caregiver because they can comfortably use an elevated toilet.

Benefits of the Elevated Toilet Seats

The elevated toilet seats reduce the distance of sitting on the toilet and standing up. The senior will not have to go too low to reach the toilet seat. In a normal toilet, they will need someone to assist them to sit and to stand up. To encourage their independence and convenience of using the toilet, consider installing the elevated toilet seats.

Reduces stress on the joints when using the toilet. As one grows old, the joints are likely to become painful when stretched because of the biological changes in the body. The exercise of going to the toilet can become stressful if there is no modification put in place. The elevate toilet seats help to solve this challenge and make toilet use very comfortable and convenient.

Seniors suffering from arthritis can have a difficult time reaching the normal toilet seats. It causes a lot of pain in their joints which will need extra medical attention. This is why we encourage our customers to install elevated toilet seats to reduce medical bills. It is a project that is highly beneficial to the senior and the one paying the bills. Treating joint pains is costly because it will need several therapy appointments.

The elevated toilet seats can come with arms to provide stability to the person. The arms help the person to reach the toilet comfortably and to stand. The elevated toilet seats also come with a lock mechanism to hold it in position. It will minimize the chances of it sliding off the toilet which can cause an accident. If you do not want a permanent elevated toilet seat, you can have a lockable one.

Who uses the Elevated Toilet Seat?

Any elderly person can use elevated toilet seats. However, more attention is given to the ones suffering from arthritis, heavyweight, and joint stiffness. This is to help them have an easy time when using the toilet. The toilet seat can be elevated to a comfortable height for the senior.

How to get the best Elevated Toilet Seat

You can research online about different elevated toilet seats that are available. Find out the pros and cons of each design to help you choose the best design at an affordable cost. Compared to different elevated toilet seats to ensure that you get the best.

You can consider working with a professional in this field. Working with an expert is the best way of getting the best products in the market. Experts are aware of the different products and know the ones that are comfortable, durable, and stable. Here at Senior Care Singapore, we help our customers to choose the best products. 

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