Elderly Friendly Doors And Lever Handles

Elderly Friendly Doors And Lever Handles Singapore

The old-age sometimes comes with arthritis or any other form of disability that affects the simple movements of their wrists. This is why most of their clothes do not have buttons because they would not be able to press the buttons. They need friendly doors and lever handles to ease opening and closing. They will have to go through a door at home more than once in a day.

Here are some of the options of friendly doors and lever handles

Doorknob Grip

Doorknobs are fitted in with grippers to make it easier for the seniors to have a firm grip and open or close the door. This reduces the wrist strain which could be very painful for those who have painful joints. It increases their convenience of walking in and out of the door; especially the bathroom and bedroom doors.

Extend the Doorknobs

A longer doorknob is easier to grab and pull compared to shorter knobs. Longer doorknobs require minimal pressure and are very convenient for the elderly. It also reduces the strain in the arm when opening or closing the door.

Door Handles

The doors can be fitted with handlebars for support and easy opening of the door. After turning the knob to unlock the door, the elder can use the door handle to swing the door open. The bar handle also provides extra support to the senior as they pass through the door especially with a walking cane.

Align the doors

Misaligned doors can be very difficult to open and to close. This problem needs to be solved to make it easier for the elderly person to open and close the door. You can contact an expert to do the alignment of the doors. The doors also need smooth hinges for easy opening. Hinges that have rusted will need extra energy to push. It can be very strenuous for the senior individual.

Widening of the Doors

Narrow doors are not elderly friendly because they limit wheelchair and walker usage. Instead of having swing doors, you can have sliding doors to create more space at the door. If the door width is narrow, few adjustments can be made to widen the door. An expert will advise you on the best widening method depending on the size of the existing doors. Always consider working with experts when modifying your home for the elderly and those living with disabilities.

Modifying Garage Doors

The garage doors are heavy and difficult to open. This makes them hazardous to senior people. The garage doors can be modified by installing a roll-up door or automate the door. The door can be frequently lubricated. Dirt and debris should be kept off the floor to allow easy movement of the wheelchair and walking with a cane. It will minimize the risks of falling or injury. The most convenient door modification is automating the garage door to be opened by just clicking a button.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are convenient and need regular maintenance like lubricating the moving up to make it easy to slide. If the moving parts are not lubricated, the door becomes difficult to open and to close. The door can be well aligned with the sliding tracks to make sure that it does not stick to become very difficult to push. The tracks need regular cleaning to remove any debris and dirt that reduces the efficiency of sliding the door. If the sliding parts are worn out, the expert can consider replacing the hinges and tracks with a new pair.

Automated Doors

A keyless door system is the most convenient because it involves pressing a button to open or close the door. In addition to modifying the doors, the doorways need to have sufficient lighting. This will minimize the risks of falling or hitting on an object. However, the doorways should always be kept free from clutter. To increase security for the automated doors, you can have a combination key log in or use voice or fingerprint.

Here is Senior Care Singapore we provide all the door modification services for the elderly and those living with disabilities. We aim at making the home comfortable and safe for all your family members. Contact us today. 

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