Manual Hydraulic Hoist For Senior

Manual Hydraulic Hoist for Senior Singapore

The manual hydraulic hoist is one of the commonly used lifts for seniors. The hydraulic hoist can be used for everyday movement as well as during emergencies. The elderly may need assistance with moving around the house. If the caregiver is finding t difficult to help the senior with mobility, it is time to consider purchasing the manual hydraulic hoist.

Consider buying a hoist that is easy to disassemble and assemble. It makes the item portable and will occupy minimal space at home. Check the weight capacity of the hoist to make sure that you get the right fit for the elderly person.


  • Hydraulic hoist uses minimal space as compared to the home elevator option where a lift shaft is needed. If you do not have a lot of space in the house or you would like to save up on space, the manual hydraulic hoist is a perfect option for you.
  • They have great power because they use hydraulic pressure to function. They can lift heavy weight hence it is secure. It is also durable and will need regular maintenance to endure that it is in good condition. Having regular maintenance services makes the hydraulic hoist to last for many years without breaking down.
  • It can be modified to use a remote to control the hoist. Manual operation can be exhausting and will always need help from the caregiver. It limits the independence of the senior. However, the hydraulic hoist is till beneficial in assisting in movement around the house.


  • They are slow compared to the automatic hoists. A manually operated hoist will be slower than the automatically operated hoist.
  • Needs regular maintenance to check the oil balance in the hydraulic pump.
  • They can be noisy as compared to the other types of hoists. If the noise is not an issue to you, this hydraulic hoist is a good option to help the elderly with mobility.

How to choose the best Manual Hydraulic Hoist

  • The weight capacity of the hydraulic hoist. Choose the one that can lift heavy weights to be on the safe side. Limited weight capacity is risky and can break anytime. Always check the weight before making your purchase.
  • The hoist designs. The design can have a hydraulic control or electric control system. The manual hoist is cheaper than an electric hoist. However, it will need constant help from the caregiver to operate it.
  • Operation. Check how easy it is to operate the manual hydraulic hoist. Some are easy to operate while others are sophisticated. The easy to operate will be best to choose because they can be managed by the caregiver.
  • The attachment points. Some hoists have two, others six, and others four attachment points. The number of attachments determines the weight it can bear and how comfortable it can be to lift a person. The more the attachments the more the weight will be distributed and will require less bending.
  • Check the material whether it is metal or plastic. Metallic hoists are stronger and durable than plastic hoists. However, there is a plastic hoist that is made of strong plastic material.

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