Elderly Mobility Devices

Elderly Mobility Devices Singapore

There are several mobility devices to help the elderly or people living with disabilities. The risk of falling and tripping increases as one grows older. It explains why there are many devices to help the elderly with mobility because they need extra support. There is always a device to solve a specific mobility problem. Mobility devices improve the quality of life for the seniors because they can cope well with mobility challenges. The elderly need to use a mobility device that fits their needs.

Here are a few mobility devices that are of great benefit to the elderly.


As individuals age, the ability to move around becomes limited because of diseases, weak muscles, and accidents. such individuals can gain back their mobility by using a wheelchair. The wheelchair can either be controlled manually or automatically. A wheelchair brings hope to many who can not walk or those who have difficulty in walking.

The wheelchair makes it easy for individuals to move around the house and outside the house. It helps to break the monotony of staying indoors and allow the elderly person to move outside the house. Sometimes they can visit the nearby shops to buy something. they can also use the wheelchair to busk under the sun to gain vitamin D. The movement is done independently hence reduce their dependency on the caregiver.

Motorized Wheelchair

Some seniors usually depend on the caregivers to move them from one place to another. A wheelchair comes with the freedom of moving around the house alone. Staying indoors can result in stress and depression. With a motorized wheelchair, they can move and get what they need within the house. The dependency on the caregiver can result in depression because the senior tends to feel like they are a burden. To promote the quality of their mental health, use mobility devices like a motorized wheelchair to increase their independence.

The motorized wheelchair is easy and quick to maneuver. The wheels can be easily directed to maneuver in different areas in town or at the market place. The senior can manage the wheelchair alone by automatically controlling it. The manual wheelchair is exhausting and can strain the muscles of the users. A motorized wheelchair has an added advantage over the manual one because it can move on uneven terrain and roads.

Another advantage of the motorized wheelchair is the adjustable height. The user can adjust its height to reach on items on the shelves, unlike the manual wheelchair. The senior only needs to press a button to adjust the height.

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are easy to use and are allowed on public transport. This allows the senior to travel further and can access the nearest shopping malls. It is very comfortable to cover longer distances as compared to manual wheelchair. Other airlines can allow you to travel with the scooters to the vacation destination. It makes it easier to enjoy a vacation trip with the elderly.

Mobility scooters make daily activities easy because they can help with shopping and going for doctor’s appointments. It increases their independence because they can run a few activities without assistance. additionally, it makes caregivers’ work efficient because the seniors can take care of a few activities.

The senior does not need a license to operate the scooters. They just need to be trained on the right skills to operate the mobility scooter. It is comfortable and relaxing to use for longer distances. They need to be aware of the routes and how to maneuver through the public road. Having a mobility scooter gives them freedom of movement and a sense of independence.

Walking Aid

Walking aid help to support the body weight by moving it to the walking aid device. They help to take lower body weight and place great pressure on the wrists. Those who just start using the walking aid experience pain on the hands and wrists. As they continue using it, the body adjusts to it. The walking aid helps to increase the balance of the individual and minimize falling risks.

The walking aid devices include crutches, walkers, and walking chains. All these devices aim to increase the stability of the individual and to minimize the risk of falling. Walking aids can be used with wheelchair use. If a person is having difficulty in walking, they can use the walking canes in the house. Sometimes sitting in the wheelchair for many hours can be exhausting.

Rolling Walker

Rolling walker improves the quality of life because many seniors can move around the house. They can easily take a walk around the park and stretch their muscles and breathe fresh air. Staying indoors can result in depression and stress. Also, sitting in one position can give one fatigue and muscle pain. Having the rolling walker, it allows the senior to take walks and to increase their stability. The rolling walker has inbuilt brakes hence it is safe to use on slopes and hills.

Rolling walkers are designed to function indoors and outdoors, it is solely meant to assist in walking capabilities. It is ideal to use for picnics or fruit picking activities. These outdoor activities help to relax the mind and help them to stretch their muscles.

Walking Cane

Walking cane are beneficial because they provide stability and assist in covering short distances within the house or around the park. There are different types of walking canes that suit different users. It is important to get professional advice on which walking cane is suitable for your loved one. You can get a walking cane that fits your budget.

Walking canes can also be used by people living with disabilities. They help the individual to move around the house without the assistance of the caregiver or any family member. To get the best walking cane, you can work with a professional or get a recommendation from the doctor. There are different walking aid devices suitable for different people.

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