Elderly Toilet Safety Rails

Elderly Toilet Safety Rails Singapore

Toilet safety rails provide a safe grip for the seniors when sitting on the toilet and when standing up. Having the safety rails installed encourages independence and protects the dignity of the senior. The toilet safety rails ca be permanent or temporary. They are easy to install and will only take a few hours. On the contrary, toilet safety rails are not a good option for unstable seniors especially if they are suffering from arthritis. You can consider the commode seat; which is more comfortable and convenient.

Toilet Safety Rails Designs

There are different designs that you can buy depending on what you would like to achieve. Here are a few designs.

Raised Toilet Seats

Additional height is added by choosing safety rails that are high to make standing easier and to provide balance when standing. The safety rails come with a toilet seat that is placed on top of the natural toilet to reduce the distance of reaching the toilet seat. So, the raised toilet seat is fixed permanently to avoid it moving which can cause falling accidents. It needs to be firmly installed on the toilet. Alternatively, the raised toilet can have locking mechanisms to hold it in place. The drawback is that the surface needs to be regularly cleaned and the toilet lid is not closed. It has to remain open.


The toilet safety rails are designed to provide extra support and grip for the senior when sitting or standing. The grip is padded with rubber or plastic material. Rubber is most preferred because it does not slide. It provides a firm grip unlike the open metal where the hands can slide; especially is the hands are wet. Rubber is comfortable because it provides armrest when using the toilet. The plastic padding can also be customized to make it a bit rough instead of having a smooth surface. Remember, the aim of installing the toilet rails is to provide stability and minimize falling accidents.

Safety Rails can be installed on the walls

Safety rails are highly beneficial and need to be installed on the toilet walls as well to provide walking stability as one approaches the toilet. Grab bars are inevitable in a home where the senior lives. The safety rails should be installed both in the toilet and in the bathroom. Always work with a professional to give you advice on the best design, material, and where they should be installed in the house. This way, you will make the home modification project more successful.

Seniors who can use the toilet or bathroom without the assistance of the caregiver are happier and are less likely to suffer from depression. Naturally, a human enjoys to be independent and to be able to carry out a few activities in the home. Moreover, one can not go a day without visiting the toilet. The safety rails increase convenience and freedom for the seniors. They have peace of mind knowing that a house is a safe place for them.

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