Shower Bench For Elderly

Shower Bench For Elderly Singapore

A home is considered as the safest place to be. However, it can be a dangerous place for seniors if home modifications are not put in place. One of the risky areas in a home for the elderly is the bathroom. We all have to attest that when the shower is one, the floor becomes slippery. The bathroom needs to be modified to increase safety for the seniors and minimize falling risks.

Small bathrooms that have no grab bars, shower bench, or shower chairs are risky for the elderly. Falling can cause serious joint and back problems that are very costly to treat. Falling also contributes to the fatality rate of the elderly.

Benefits of Shower Bench for the Elderly

For the elderly, the task of taking a shower is not a small task. Taking a bath is supposed to be relaxing and comfortable not a strenuous activity. Bathing can be made comfortable by installing a shower bench. The following are the benefits of having a shower bench.

Improves Safety

A shower bench minimizes the risk of falling. One can easily fall when standing as compared to when sited. The bench allows the senior to take a shower peaceful without worrying about falling. Taking a shower on the bench also minimizes movement activities that could lead to sliding or falling. Sitting on the shower bench provides stability and safety in the bathroom.

Improves Hygiene

A shower bench motivates the elderly to take a shower because it is comfortable. Seniors find it strenuous to take a shower in a normal bathroom because they are unable to stand for long and it is difficult for them to get in the traditional bathtub. Having the shower bench encourages them to regularly take a shower because it is comfortable and is within their reach. Therefore, it improves hygiene.

Makes them Independent

For a normal bathroom, the senior will need assistance from their caregiver. It reduces their level of independence. With the shower bench, they can comfortably go to the bathroom and take a shower without any assistance. so, they do not have to wait for someone to help them with the bathing activity.  This makes them be to feel in control and independent.

Improves Quality of Life

The sense of being able to run out different tasks improves the quality of life among the seniors as well as people living with disabilities. Taking a shower with warm water helps the muscles to relax and reduce the aching of the joints. Therefore, taking a shower should be made as comfortable as possible for the seniors because it improves their health.

Reduces the Risk of Falling

In addition to the shower bench, grab bars need to be installed in the bathroom. Having the gab bars provides extra support to the senior hence reduce the chances of falling. The seniors can rely on the shower bench and the grab bars in the bathroom. They will be comfortable to take a shower any hour in the day.

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