Elderly Day Care

Elderly Day Care Singapore

Elderly daycare services are a great blessing to the elderly, caregiver, and the entire family. For the elderly who are aging at home, elderly daycare provides a good environment to socialize and interact with other seniors. Even when you have a stay home caregiver, elderly daycare is still necessary. The caregiver may not provide enough socializing activities as compared to the elderly daycare center.

At the elderly daycare facility, the members are involved in activities such as exercising, games, pet therapy, music, and day trips. All these activities are aimed to excite the elders and motivate them. These activities reduce stress among the elderly.

Benefits of the Day Care to the Seniors

The daycare facility provides meals, and social interaction activities to the seniors. They do not have to worry about preparing their meals and cleaning. All these are done by trained employees and nurses to keep them active all day. The nurses also take care of their health conditions and ensure that they do not miss taking their medication. In case of a health emergency, they can take care of that immediately.  

Seniors who attend the elderly day programs have less depression and are happier than those who just stay at home. The senior is always looking forward to having a good day at the center because they meet with other seniors. It helps them to know that they are not alone in the aging bracket.

At the daycare facility, the elderly get special attention and makes them feel independent. The daycare facilities have sufficient modifications to allow the seniors to visit the toilet alone. It helps to preserve their dignity. Since they can participate in different activities like new socializing activities that help them age happily.

Benefits to the Caregivers

Taking the elderly to the daycare gives the caregiver a break. It helps them to refresh and minimize the stress of looking after a senior every day of the week.

Caregivers get tired and exhausted. It is important to always give them a break so that they can focus well. Fatigue can make them ignore the needs of the elderly as well as forgetting the medication. You can take the elderly to the daycare twice or thrice a week, depending on how much you would want to spend on the daycare program.

At the daycare, the senior gets special attention and monitoring of the blood pressure and general health. At the daycare, they can receive speech therapy, treatment, and physical therapy. The burden on the caregiver is reduced and the risk of stress is reduced.

The relationship between the caregiver and the senior will improve because the stress of responsibilities is lifted. Elderly day care relives the caregiver from the daily tasks and errands. They will refresh and when they meet in the evening, they will have plenty to talk about since they will be relaxed.

Benefits to you

Taking the senior to an elderly care facility gives you peace of mind. Elderly daycare facilities have experts in different fields and they will take care of the senior. They take care of the physical, health, and spiritual needs of your loved ones.

You will have an easy time with the elderly because they will be full of life since they are engaged in socializing activities at the daycare facility. Depression and stress risks will be reduced and their mental health will improve. There are different therapies that you can enroll in the elderly like speech, physical, and mental therapy to boost the health of the person. Such therapies can not be provided by the caregiver because they may lack the expertise.

Elderly dare care provides a safe environment and assists the seniors to have an independent life. It gives the entire family peace of mind knowing that the elderly are in safe hands. They can work or go to school peacefully and meet with the loved one in the evening. Elderly daycare provides well-being and quality of life to the elderly.

Additional activities that can be provided in daycare include crafts and arts, games, music entertainment, day trips, and discussion, and reminiscing.

Ensure you carry out background research before deciding on which elderly dare care to choose. You can get referrals from friends and family.

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