Prepare Bathroom & Toilet For Elderly Living

Prepare Bathroom & Toilet For Elderly Living Singapore

A great gift to the elderly is to make the toilet and the bathroom comfortable and accessible. These are the most dangerous places for the elderly because they are at a high risk of falling as compared to other rooms in the house.

Having a safe bathroom and toilet will boost self-esteem of the elderly. It helps to achieve independence and reduce worrying.

Tips to prepare the bathroom and toilet for elderly living

Add Safety Rails

The safety rails are installed around the toilet and the bathroom to provide extra support. This is one of the most important bathroom and toilet modification that is senior-friendly. The safety rails are available in different designs. You can work with a professional to get the best design of the safety rails. There are permanent and temporary safety rails. If you are renting, find out whether you can have permanent rails. Many landlords prefer temporary safety for easier renovation in case the elderly move to a different house.

Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats are higher than the ordinary toilets. The design is to reduce the distance of reaching the toilet seat. It helps to reduce the risk of joint pain and stretching; especially for seniors who are suffering from arthritis. Generally, seniors find it difficult to reach the low toilet seat and to stand. Therefore, they may need extra help which makes them feel uncomfortable. Modifying the toilet seats will allow them to visit the toilet on their own.

Besides, you can have the toilet seats padded to increase comfort.

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers provide a long-lasting solution to making the bathroom senior-friendly. The walk-in shower is wheelchair accessible. The senior will comfortably access the bathtub from the wheelchair and get back when they finish bathing. This reduces dependency on the caregiver or to family members.

Walk-in showers are durable and can withstand tear and wear for many years. They need to be maintained to last longer. It also has fewer clogs as compared to other traditional bathtubs. Water will not be trapped so it reduces the risk of having bacterial growth. If you are interested in having a walk-in shower, contact us today.

Install a Shower Bench

A shower bench is convenient and senior-friendly. It makes it easier for the elderly to reach the feet when showering. It offers room for personal grooming. The elderly will take ample time because they are seated. Standing makes the elderly to get tired and increase the risk of falling. Another advantage is that the elderly can take a bath on their own hence preserve their dignity. Seniors enjoy when they can visit the bathroom on their own.


The bathroom and the toilet need to have proper lighting. It will help the seniors to see any obstacles and avoid them. Poor lighting increases the risk of falling or hitting on an object. You can install automatic lights that switch on when they sense a person approaching the room and turn when the person is living the toilet or bathroom. The sensor system helps to minimize the loss of energy.

Install Non-Slippery floors

Install non-slippery floors even when the floor is wet. It helps to minimize the risk of sliding and falling. The pathways should be kept dry at all times. You can contact a professional to install the non-slippery walls. It is a project worth investing in. It provides a long-term solution to minimize the risk of falling. Contact us today to get a quotation on installing non-slippery floors.


The toilet and the bathroom doors should be wide enough to allow easy movement of the wheelchair. Normal door size may not allow easy movement of the wheelchair. Door modification will be needed to make sure that the senior who is using a wheelchair or walking canes can access the bathroom or the toilet. This modification is simple and can take a few hours.

These are a few tips on how to prepare the bathroom and the toilet for the elderly. It will help to make the areas senior-friendly and reduce dependency on the caregiver. Contact us today to find out the best modification for your house.

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