Exercises for elderly

Exercises for elderly Singapore

Exercises for the elderly aim to increase strength and balance. It helps them to maintain good health as well as reduce the chances of getting depressed. However, exercises for the elderly are simple and can be done at home. It does not involve heavy exercising because as people grow older, the muscles weaken. Also, some of the elderly may have a chronic infection that may hinder them from doing certain exercises. Before you engage your loved one in the following exercise activities, seek doctor’s advice.

Types of Exerises

Abdominal Contractions

This exercise involves sucking the stomach when breathing in, hold for a few seconds then release the stomach when breathing out. The deep breaths tighten the abdominal muscles and this exercise can be repeated 10 times.

Toe Taps

This exercise aims to strengthen the lower part of the legs. This is done when one is sitting on a chair and the heels are on the following. The senior can lift the toes high until they feel something in the muscles. It helps to increase blood circulation in the legs and prevent swelling. The elderly can repeat this 20 times.

Raising the Heels

When you are sited on a chair, keep your toes on the floor and lift your heels. Repeat this 20 times. It helps to strengthen the leg muscles and to increase blood circulation.

Knee Lifts

This exercise helps to strengthen the thighs and is down when one is sited on a chair. Lift your leg and pause for 3 seconds and lower your leg. Once you do so for one leg, do so to the other leg with similar repetitions. For better results, the thigh should be off the seat slightly.


Walking is a good exercise because it increases the strength of the body and stretches the body. One can walk through the park with a walking cane or a walking roller. Sitting down for many hours can be very exhausting and dangerous to one’s health.

Neck Stretch

Neck stretch is a simple stretching exercise. All you need to do is to turn your head right until you feel a stretch then hold for 20 seconds then turn on the other side and hold for 20 seconds. You can repeat this for about 5 times.

Wall Pushups

This exercise helps to strengthen the arm and the back muscles. Put your arms slightly on the wall at the height of your shoulders and gently lean forward and push yourself back. You can repeat this 20 times.

Hand and Finger Exercises

Assume there is a virtual wall and let your fingers crawl on the wall until your arms above your head. Rest the fingers above your head for a few seconds and walk them down.

Benefits of Elderly Exercises

  • It prevents the occurrence of diseases such as heart attack and diabetes. Exercising boosts the immune system of the person and is effective to keep off diseases. Simple exercising routine can go a long way in keeping the elderly healthy.
  • Improves the mental health of the senior. Exercising releases, the endorphin hormone which is known as the feel-good hormone. This hormone releases stress and makes one feel relaxed. The hormone helps to improve the sleeping patterns of the elderly.
  • Reduces the risk of falling because exercising improves the stability of the individual. The elderly take longer to recover from falls; so, anything that helps them prevent falling is important. Exercising improves strength and stability.
  • Social engagement is achieved by exercising with other seniors. This can be achieved by joining a senior exercising club or a neighborhood exercising group. Through this, the senior will interact with other people. It gives one a sense of belonging and prevent loneliness or feelings of depression.
  • The cognitive function is improved with regular exercise. Exercising lowers the risk of getting dementia and mental health issues. The elderly need to be encouraged into having a daily exercising routine to keep them healthy and active.
  • Exercising helps the elderly to leave longer. This because it reduces the risks of getting chronic illnesses such as heart attacks and keeps off depression. Lack of exercise can cause diabetes or obesity that can reduce the quality of life.

Exercises for the elderly have many health benefits. Consider having a daily exercising routine to get better results. 

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