Elderly Automatic Fall Detection Devices

Elderly Automatic Fall Detection Devices Singapore

The automatic fall detection devices can be worn as a necklace or as a wrist band. It can be worn all the time even when taking a shower. With the increasing technology, fall detection devices are improving every year. There are many fall detection devices in the market. All you need to do is to get the best. The devices have motion sensors to detect an actual fall from normal activities. The devices can calculate the speed of movements to raise an alarm when a fall or sliding happens. The accuracy of the devices is high as compared to when a false fall detection happens.

Benefits of the Fall Detection Devices to the Elderly

The elderly are at a higher risk of falling as compared to other age groups because as one becomes older, walking stability reduces. Fall-related injuries can be difficult to treat especially if the senior has diabetes. To give you and your loved one peace of mind, consider getting the fall detection device. Fall detection will raise an alarm in case the senior fall hence the caregiver or family member will be able to respond quickly. Also, it will keep the elderly alert to minimize the risk of falling. Fall injuries among the elderly can also cause deaths.

Fall detection devices are affordable. There are a variety of devices in the market place and you can get the one that fits your budget. The fall detective device gives the seniors a sense of privacy because they can be on their own. Without the device, one will need to keep an eye on the senior. This can be very exhausting and unreliable.

The devices give the seniors a sense of independence because they will not rely on another person to watch them. Dignity and independence are needs among the elderly and they highly appreciate it. in addition to home modification, consider having the fall detection device.

The fall detection device can have a button to reach for the emergency service provider, especially the medical personnel. They can directly speak to the medical personnel through the device and get help. The medical personnel are always ready to respond to any emergencies and can quickly organize an ambulance to pick the senior.

The devices give you and the senior the peace of mind. The elderly will feel secure and safe even when left alone. Additionally, you or the caregiver will not have to keep watching the senior for safety. They know that the senior will call for help with the device whenever they need it.

Automatic fall detection devices are highly functional and are easy to carry around. They are not easily visible and one cannot tell you are wearing the device. They mimic a bracelet or a necklace. It is comfortable to wear every day.

They have a GPS tracker built in them so you can tell where the elderly are. The seniors are susceptible to getting lost. With the GPS tracker, it will become easier for you to know where they are. Having an inbuilt GPS tracker gives you the peace of mind.

Features to look for when buying the fall detection device

  • Ensure that the fall detection device is fully automatic. Some need to be pressed to ask for help when one falls. An automatic one will detect the fall and raise an alarm immediately.
  • Get a waterproof device. The seniors need to wear the device even when taking a shower. The risk of falling is high in the bathroom as compared to other places in the house.
  • Check the operating technology and find out whether it is reliable. Get the latest and the best technology because the functionality improves every year.
  • Find a device that is comfortable to wear. The device should not affect the daily activities of the senior.
  • Go for the device that is easy to operate. Complicated fall detection devices may not be reliable because they will need extra training to operate them.
  • Those with inbuilt GPS functionality are an added advantage. GPS tracker is important among the elderly.

Carry out research and ask for referrals from professionals, friends, and family. The elderly automatic fall detection devices are worth investing in. Get one today.

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