Senior Citizen’s Corner

Senior Citizens Corner Singapore

The initiative for having senior citizen’s corner within the neighborhood has several advantages. The elderly always looks forward to meeting with others at the senior citizen’s corner. It is a place where the elderly sit to read newspapers, play board games, and socialize. An elderly would rather enjoy reading a newspaper at the senior citizen’s corner than to read it at home. They can carry a few snacks and drinks to the area to keep hunger away. This is an alternative way of allowing seniors to interact with other seniors besides the elderly daycare program.

So, the caregiver simply packs what they may need and takes them to the senior citizen’s corner and leaves them there. The caregiver can pick them up later in the evening. The elderly also have a phone to call in case they want to go home earlier.

Why the Senior Citizen Corner is important?

Here are several benefits of the senior citizen corners.

Socializing Benefits

This is one of the topmost benefits of having a senior citizen’s corner in the neighborhood. This is where the elderly meet to interact and reminisce. It is fun to meet with other people of the same age group. It encourages one to know that they are not alone. Instead of allowing your grandma or grandpa to stay at home bored, you can bring them to the senior citizen’s corner. It can be daily, or you can have a schedule for it.

It reduces the socializing burden to the caregiver. They can get bored and tired hence ignore such needs of the elderly. Also, the relationship between the caregiver and the elderly can be strenuous. Visiting the senior citizen’s corner gives the caregiver a break and the elderly is refreshed.

It Boosts their Mental Health

Having discussions and interacting with other people boosts the mental health of a person. Staying indoors and not interacting with people can cause mental issues such as reduced memory capacity. It also makes a person dull and low in spirits. This can lead to depression and one can be tempted to commit suicide.

Interacting will people creates a good environment to share life challenges and what one is going through. The seniors will hear the challenges of other seniors and feel encouraged. Also, the elders can give each other advice on how to handle different situations. Therefore, they stay motivated and happy.

Lowers the Risk of Depression

The leading cause of depression among the elderly is boredom, loneliness, and isolation. When they do not interact with others, they keep the negative thoughts and comments bottled up which causes depression. However, when they interact with other people they will open and discuss positive and negative experiences. It helps to reduce anxiety and stresses that come with aging. Allow them to participate in exercises, daily walks, and engaging in social activities that are safe for them.

Improves their Communication Skills

Communication skills naturally improve as one continues to interact with other people. Staying isolated and lonely can cause a decline in communication skills. Since caregivers are busy at home trying to keep the house tidy and clean, they may not have adequate time to have meaningful conversations with the senior. Therefore, the senior citizen’s corner comes in to solve this problem. The seniors will meet other seniors; they interact, crack jokes, and play board games. At the end of the day, the seniors will be lively and having improved their communication skills.

Boosts the Health

Engaging in socializing activities boost the health of the individual. Staying inactive for old age is risky because it can cause age-related complications such as diabetes and heart attacks. Staying active will boost the health of the senior and will have a positive view of old age. Availability of the senior citizen’s corners minimizes the risks of getting chronic health conditions.

Increases Longevity of Life

Elders who participate in social activities live longer than those who are isolated and do not engage in any social activities. Interacting with other seniors at the senior citizen’s corners increases the longevity of life. It also improves the quality of life and boosts the cognitive skills of the senior.

Encourage the seniors around you to take part in social activities such as interacting with other elders.

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