Making Singapore Senior proof and Elderly Friendly

Making Singapore Senior proof and Elderly Friendly Singapore

The population of the elderly in Singapore has been increasing over the years. The population is projected to double by 2030. This means that Singapore should become senior proof and elderly-friendly. Making homes in Singapore senior proof prevent accidents and makes the elderly feel comfortable and safe.

Tips of making Singapore senior proof and elderly-friendly

Organize the Electrical Cables and Cords

On average, a Singaporean home will have a lot of devices that need to be connected to electricity. This means that there is a possibility of having a lot of cables lying around the house which increases the risk of tripping or falling. To make the home senior proof, you will need to organize the cables and cords. Keep them away from the pathways. You can hire a professional to help with simple and neat cable organizing tips.

Have Electrical Devices that can Automatically go off

The elderly can quickly forget about that kettle or iron box connected to the socket. If the devices do not go off automatically, it can cause fire accidents, or one can touch them and get burnt. To avoid such accidents, have appliances that can automatically go off.

Adequate Lighting

Due to old age, the elderly can suffer from impaired vision, long-sightedness, glaucoma, and cataracts. This affects their ability to see things. To improve the quality of their life, you will need to install extra lighting and ensure all paths and rooms have sufficient lighting.

You can install motion sensor lighting that will automatically light when movement is sensed. This is a good option because it is convenient and encourages independence among the elderly. The lights will automatically go off when there is no movement hence save on the electricity cost.

Modify the Bathroom and the Toilet

Grab bars should be installed in the bathroom and in the toilet to provide extra support for the seniors. The risk of the elderly to fall is high in the bathroom. The emergency bars will provide support and protect the seniors from falling. You can install a shower bench for the seniors. It is comfortable to take a shower when seated than when standing.

Toilet lift seats are highly beneficial. The senior can strain to try to reach a low-level toilet seat. Sometimes they will need someone to help them stand from the toilet seat. With the toilet lift seat, it is high and comfortable. The senior can adjust it to favorable height and will not need extra help.

Avoid Using Smooth and Slippery Flooring

Slippery floors do not provide enough grip when the elderly is walking. They can easily trip or fall. Consider installing anti-slippery floors and encourage the seniors to wear shoes that have anti-slippery soles. It will minimize the risk of falling and the seniors will feel safe when walking in the house. Broken tiles should also be replaced.

The staircase at the entrance would be replaced with ramps for easy use of a wheelchair and other walking devices. Staircases are not elderly-friendly. Also, remove all loose rugs and keep the pathways free from clutter.

Install Lever Handles

Lever handles are preferable to the doorknobs because doorknobs can strain the elderly. As one becomes older, they need to open doors easily without using extra force. Lever handles come in handy to solve this problem.

The lever handles should be lowered for easy reach even for the elderly using a wheelchair. Besides, the peephole should be lowered. This will reduce the risk of the senior opening a door for a stranger.

Commercial buildings in Singapore should also consider modifying the pathways and the toilets to accommodate the aging population. It allows the elderly to use the facilities. They can visit shopping malls without thinking about which washroom to use. Also, they can use the wheelchair comfortably. If the city is not senior proof, it becomes challenging to tag along with the elderly when going for shopping or visiting the hotels.

Social activities are important to the elderly because it helps to reduce stress and depression. It becomes enjoyable to take care of the elderly ins a senior proof environment.

Here at Senior Care Singapore, we provide solutions to making homes elderly-friendly. Contact us today for more information.

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