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Transporting The Elderly Singapore

Transporting The Elderly

When an elderly can not drive, they will need an alternative mode to ensure that they do not miss the doctor’s appointments. There are plenty of options that you can use to transport the elderly. Options for Transportation for the Elderly You can drive them This is a common mode […]

Help For The Elderly Singapore

Help For The Elderly

Providing help for the elderly helps them to enjoy staying at home. Home care services are one of the best ways to give help to the elderly. The elderly will require assistance since they can not handle everything by themselves. Living in a nursing home does not appeal to many […]

Elderly Abuse Singapore

Elderly Abuse

Elderly abuse is common than what you could imagine. Elderly abuse includes emotional, physical, financial exploitation, sexual abuse, and neglecting their needs. Older people are vulnerable to abuse because they can not stand up for themselves, and they may have hearing or seeing problems, which makes them vulnerable. If you […]

Fire Safety for Elderly Singapore

Fire Safety For Elderly

Older people are more likely to get injured or to die from a fire outbreak as compared to other people. This is due to decreased vision, minimal mobility, and hearing loss. All these can reduce the speed to respond to a fire outbreak hence become vulnerable. Tips for implementing fire […]